5 New and Trending Features in Upcoming Luxury Commercial Projects in Pune

Are you looking to invest in luxury commercial projects in Pune? The city undoubtedly has a significant potential to generate a return on investment. However, every project you see around is different, and every tenant comes with a set of new-age expectations. Hence, you must make a choice aligned with the needs and demands of the modern tenant.

Besides the property’s area, tenants these days look for the features of commercial properties in Pune. They do not merely need an office or a shop. Instead, they demand a business space that makes life easier while at work and delivers more value in terms of productivity and experience.

These evolving demands and changing times make us talk about five new and trending features in the upcoming luxury commercial buildings in Pune. Buying commercial properties with these features can certainly make your space more competent and value-driven for your prospective tenant.

5 New and Trending Features in Commercial Properties in Pune

From integrated offices to intelligent co-working spaces, these five trends are here to stay and will redefine commercial projects in Pune. Early players (developers) who have already implemented these features and property owners with such spaces on hand will benefit in the long run.

1. Smart Co-Working Offices


Although not new, co-working is a trend to stay here for a long time. One of the significant reasons driving the need for co-working spaces is the rise in the number of startups. Businesses with a lower rental budget and fewer employees do not need large spaces. They are ready to share their office with others. Rather they want to do it so that they could share the rent and reduce their investment.

An office with the scope and space to accommodate a higher number of people and the provision to help them thrive in a co-working environment can make it a trending space. It could further turn into a different line of business for you as the property’s owner. You can market your property as a co-working space and earn considerable income from it.

2. Integrated Workspaces

What do you mean by an integrated workspace? An integrated workspace is one that includes everything that an individual may require before, during, and after work. It essentially provides some features like a gymnasium, an eating joint or a restaurant, a cafeteria, and space for social gatherings.

Integrated workspaces also have a bright future, considering they fulfill the needs of the modern employee, who starts early and works until late. People working for Australia, the UK, and US markets, in particular, can benefit from integrated workspaces. Such offices can help them save some productive time during the day and deliver more.

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3. Collaborative Spaces

Large Office Space 

Businessowners are steadily stepping out of that conventional approach and office layouts that somewhat proved a roadblock to employee communication. Today, we live in an age where communication and collaboration matter. Hence, as the property owner, you may also want to buy a space designed to enable interactions between co-workers.

So, the total open-plan offices are now redundant. Instead, the emphasis is now on creating open spaces with extra exclusive seating and meeting space where people can flock, talk, exchange ideas, and come up with something productive.

4. Natural Light and Ventilation

This isn’t a trend but an essential requirement. Yet, we term it a trend as new-age buyers of commercial spaces in Pune are becoming more concerned about the availability of both these factors. Natural light and ventilation add to the natural charm of the space. They make it more eco-friendly, less expensive to operate and keep the area fresh and energized.

5. Multipurpose Rooms


Conference Room 

For commercial spaces large enough, multipurpose rooms also have become a necessity. As the name implies, these rooms serve multiple engagements and purposes like team meetings, rest and recreation, staff training, monthly team meets, team building activities, etc.

Many businesses want to do these things for their employees. If your commercial property has the room to do it, you could form a potential choice for their investment.

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