Smart Size Office Spaces in Pune - Best Opportunity for Professionals with High End Clients

Let’s begin with the question, what is a smart size office? It is the one that makes optimal use of the space available. But then, the next question is, what do you mean by optimizing a particular space in this context? It precisely concerns the intelligent use of a particular space.

Gone are those days, when every company, no matter whether new or established, aspired to a lavish space. Today, many have realized what matters is business and not necessarily how large the office space is. Accordingly, a smart size office provides space necessary for business operations, without wasting space.

A smart size office is designed in a way to help the tenant utilize every square inch of the space prudently, however, without creating cluttering or congestion in any way. As a result, it proves beneficial in many ways.

Of course, the first advantage is commercial. However, did you know, operating in a smart office can prove advantageous strategically as well, especially if you have high-end clients? That’s exactly what we will discuss. So, let’s see how smart size office spaces are a strategic opportunity for businesses with a high-end clientele.

A Smart Size Office Reflects Your Approach

Luxury Office Space 

The world has evolved to become a place that values what’s necessary to thrive. Accordingly, many companies have a certain criterion (perhaps and often undocumented) when it comes to choosing vendors. A smart size office may not necessarily be a stringent parameter here. But it does contribute value. How? It is through the approach. It may sound a bit unusual, but many high-end prospects make opinions based on how a business drives its investments and whether it does what is required for it to satisfy its clients and operate sustainably.

A smart size office exemplifies an intelligent approach that prospects can sense through clever and optimal use of the space available while providing everything that’s necessary to run a business and provide the required service. A smart size office comprises compact, yet cabins spacious enough to accommodate a small group meeting. Additionally, they comprise open cubicles broad enough for employees to sit and work comfortably.

Remember, these factors may not add direct weight to your value proposition. However, they catalyze deal closures, as prospects understand your sensibility and the urge to drive investments to what’s necessary for business growth and focus on providing seamless service and solutions to the clients.

Enhanced Employee Communication


Padded cubicles were once a trend. However, with office interactions becoming more important by the day, they are gradually fading out. Today, we live in an age of open workspaces that simplify and promote employee communication during work hours. Now, how does this affect your high-end prospects or clients?

Many companies have changed their approach when it comes to choosing their service partners. They are meticulous enough to not only vet their partner’s capabilities but also evaluate factors such as the health of employee interactions and whether the decision-makers allow a wholehearted communication culture within their organization. A lot of them consider this as a factor impacting service levels, as a group of mute employees, engaged in nothing else but work all day are likely to stress themselves out and affect service.

Choosing to rent or buy smart size office spaces helps here. They are designed to foster a higher extent of employee communication and interactions through open workspaces. Besides, the fact that they have lesser walls and partitions encourages ventilation and the entry of abundant natural light that keeps the environment cheerful and thus the employees happy. And, as they always say, a happy employee delivers happy clients!

Increased Employee Productivity


This is pretty much related to the last paragraph of the preceding point; however, with a little bit of addition to it. So, while open workspaces promote communication and happiness within the office, a minimalistic office has a positive impact on the human brain. Of course, you’d ask how! Many believe that a human brain responds positively to simplicity and performs better in a neat, clutter-free, and tidy environment.

Smart size offices significantly refer to minimalism. But minimalism does not, in turn, refer to condensing space and making it difficult for ideas to breathe. As mentioned earlier, smart size office spaces offer what’s necessary. They have a lesser number of distractions. That encourages a higher degree of focus and enhances employee productivity. Now, isn’t productivity vital to sustain clients and keep them happy?

Increased Employee Collaboration

employee team work 

The complex business concerns of the 21st century demand a higher extent of employee collaboration through the exchange of thoughts and ideas across every level. A smart size office encourages employee communication and so it catalyzes healthy collaborations as well. The more employees interact with each other on business problems, the higher the number of ideas and therefore the better the solutions.

Many companies consider these factors while making partner choices. Besides the fact that a particular company encourages employee participation and values their thoughts is a vital factor to attract better, more creative, and more productive talent. Although indirectly, these aspects matter to a company’s success!

Kohinoor World Towers – The Best Destination for Smart Size Offices Near Pune in PCMC

KWT Pune 

Situated on the Old Mumbai Pune Highway, between Pimpri and Chinchwad, Kohinoor World Towers is an excellent choice for business owners to buy or rent-smart size offices in Pune Pimpri Chinchwad. The massive business center features five towers, several modern amenities, spaces for upscale restaurants and shopping centers, a high street, and numerous smart size office spaces for various types of businesses.

As a result, Kohinoor World Towers is undoubtedly slated to become a prominent business landmark in and around Pune. So, now that you know how a smart size office can prove strategically beneficial for your business in the long run, especially in the case of high-end prospects and clients, connect with Kohinoor at +91-020-6764 1818 and pave the way for success.

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