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Kohinoor Group has proudly stood tall as a leader in Pune’s real estate sector for over three decades. When the group commenced operations in 1983 under the able leadership of its Chairman & Managing Director, Mr. Krishnakumar Goyal, they started a cement trading business. Construction and development began only in 1989 under the name of Kohinoor Constructions. Today the group has developed and delivered over 4 million sq. ft and has over 3 million sq. ft of spaces under development. The group also has diversified interests in other verticals like Manufacturing, Logistics and Services.
In the last decade every project that Kohinoor Group has undertaken has been planned entirely before starting any construction work – an inspiration that Mr. Vineet Goyal and Mr. Rajesh Goyal, Jt. Managing Directors, Kohinoor Group learnt from Japanese construction practices. Being conscious about even the tiniest detail is one of the secrets of Kohinoor’s rising success graph.


At Kohinoor, everything revolves around customer happiness. Which is why, everything that it builds comes with the promise of Sada Sukhi Raho: the timeless blessing in India. The promise means that Kohinoor stays with its customers at every step; right from assistance in the sales procedure to offering free maintenance on all of its projects*.
Owing to its matchless values of trust and transparency, Kohinoor is one of the most reputed leaders in the industry. It is also one of the most trusted names, with a community of over 5000 happy families. It has built a thriving relationship with its customers based on the solid foundation of trust, integrity and transparency. Everything has been possible owing to its values called - CARE










Kohinoor is renowned for having delivered projects on time and in certain cases, even earlier than the commitment. Three decades and 30 successful projects later, the only thing that stands taller than Kohinoor’s projects is its reputation. Which is only bound to elevate with the 20,000 homes it plans to deliver in the coming years.

Kohinoor’s upcoming 5-year plan

Kohinoor has seen a year-on-year growth of 25-30%, and the plan is to continue that success rate. Currently Kohinoor delivers between 1000-1200 homes annually. By 2023 the company wants to deliver on the mission of delivering 20,000 residences. Besides residential projects, Kohinoor also has big plans of expanding into commercial spaces and student accommodations. By 2022-23 Kohinoor plans to set up between 12000-15000 beds for students.

Kohinoor believes in their core positioning of creating spaces for mid-segment. The company believes in sticking by their core competency. There is a huge demand-supply gap, and Kohinoor wants to bridge that gap.


Kohinoor Group- History Timeline


The city of Pune has many synonyms - Cultural Capital of Maharashtra, Oxford of the East, Pensioner's Paradise and so on...

However, to us, Pune has always meant much more than all this.

Kohinoor and Pune have a profound connection lasting over 37 years. During these years, we’ve been humbled by the love and trust of "Punekars" and also been blessed by Mother Earth. Every piece of land that we chose for construction has been a boon for us and the entire Kohinoor family of happy residents in those projects.

Today, Kohinoor Group stands tall because of the faith that people have placed in us. We are thankful to the citizens of Pune for giving us an opportunity to touch their lives, and help make them a little happier every day.


The cusp of the Millennium – a turning point for Pune and Kohinoor

Around the cusp of the millennium, we realised that Pune's proximity to Mumbai and its fast-evolving IT industry would create a huge demand for homes as well as commercial real estate.

This presented us with an opportunity to develop lifestyle projects with good connectivity, conveniences and best-in-class comforts to cater to a diverse category of home buyers. Pune’s importance as a major global business center grew in coming years and we took this opportunity to give organisations the physical platform needed for success.

Since then Kohinoor has consistently created office spaces, shops and showrooms for business owners at strategic locations across Pune.

Over the years we have create a strong community of over 5000 happy families. And in the next 5 years, we plan to create 20,000 new homes and an ocean of smiles.


During their 37-year journey Kohinoor Group has created 30+ projects and delivered over 4 million sq. ft. What’s more, the group has more than 3 million sq.ft. of spaces currently under development. Considering their Japanese inspired roots, attention to detail and meticulous planning, it’s no surprise that their projects have won several awards. Here are a few notable ones:

Kohinoor Awards



Mr. Krishnakumar Goyal

Mr. Krishnakumar Goyal
Founder and Chairman


Mr. Vineet Goyal
Jt. Managing Director

Mr. Rajesh Goyal

Mr. Rajesh Goyal
Jt. Managing Director



As a company Kohinoor believes in bringing genuine passion to the job. Vineet Goyal (Jt. Managing Director at Kohinoor Group) believes that every achievement should be celebrated, irrespective of how big or small it is. He believes that the positivity of celebrations brings out the best in people, and that Kohinoor’s culture should be friendly, warm and comfortable.

Today Kohinoor has a headcount of 200+ professionals and has a bigger dream – the plan is to make Kohinoor’s culture such that people love to come to work, and eventually to grow to build a team of thousands of professionals in coming years.


Kohinoor Group has been involved in CSR activities even before the term was coined. Ever since the company’s inception, Mr Krishnakumar Goyal has ensured a good percentage of their total income is utilised towards a social cause.

Be it cultural, social, educational or even sports related activities, Kohinoor has always taken pride in associating with the same. In fact the entire team at Kohinoor feels humbled that the company gets a chance to touch people’s lives, make a positive difference and give back to society at large.