Integrated Commercial Spaces in Pune – Why is it Best to Relocate Your Office

Integrated Commercial Office Spaces in Pune - Latest Trends and Key Benefits for Your Company

Relatively new and yet unexplored in the Indian real estate realm, an integrated commercial space refers to the co-existence of multiple elements under the same roof. Now, what do you mean by multiple elements? They include office spaces, shopping avenues, health and fitness centers, entertainment hubs and food joints and restaurants. In other words, integrated office space is a workplace that serves its tenants’ needs from dawn to dusk. Now, what are the latest trends within this space and what are its key benefits? Let us explore.

Integrated Commercial Office Spaces in Pune – Current Trends

KWT street view 

In Pune, integrated offices are a new addition to the city’s real estate horizon. Hence, only a handful of players, precisely who are aware of the concept’s potential, are leveraging it. The latest trends within this space include constructing spaces suitable for upscale restaurants to keep up with the expectations of business owners and developing high streets to provide shopping avenues featuring global brands.

While some may not consider the above trends, it must be remembered that integrated office spaces are yet at a fundamental level in Pune and in many other cities across India. Hence, real estate companies are currently engaged in providing everything that’s basic (yet necessary and sustainable) to every business looking for an integrated workplace. Accordingly, the integration of smart automation features and places that foster a perfect work-life balance could be termed the current trends in the integrated commercial workplace space.

Integrated Commercial Workplaces in Pune – Key Benefits

Now, let’s look at some key benefits of choosing an integrated workspace for your business. No matter you are a global consulting company or a startup, the following benefits remain the same for every organization.

1. Convenience of Working


Pune has become a global business hub with many domestic and global companies having their offices in the city. Many of these companies work as per their target market’s time zones. So, while some work for the US region, some serve Australia and some cater to the United Kingdom. A few, on the other hand, operate 24/7.

An integrated workplace benefits each one, as it offers everything necessary for everyone who begins early (for instance, those working for Australia) and everybody who works until late (for example, United States). A health and fitness center and a cafeteria in the same premises save the efforts incurred in traveling to two different places and then reaching the office. Such people can get everything under one roof and save a lot of time.

2. Enhanced Customer Service

KWT Rooftop Restaurant 

Now, how are integrated workplaces associated with improved customer service? The logic is pretty straightforward. Again, the fundamental concept of integrated offices comes into the picture here.

Let’s say, you have important prospects or clients at your office and you want to take them to lunch. Stepping out of the premises and cutting your way through the traffic to reach a particular restaurant can take a lot of time. Here, an upscale restaurant within the same complex can prove helpful and save a lot of your time.
Additionally, your prospects or clients can spend some time exploring the various shopping avenues and entertaining themselves after work. Although you don’t directly play a role here in enhancing customer service, it is your decision to buy or rent an integrated workspace that makes the difference.

3. Work-Life Balance

As mentioned earlier, an integrated workplace refers to helping employees and business owners strike the right work-life balance. How? Of course, the logic remains the same. For people who start their day early or work until late, time is always their enemy. Such people can benefit from an integrated workplace that takes care of their needs such as exercising and food. They can finish all their tasks while at their workplace and return home fully prepared to spend time with their family.

Give Your Business the Integrated Workspace Advantage with Kohinoor World Towers!

Kohinoor World Towers (KWT), Pune 

When it comes to integrated workplaces in and near Pune, Kohinoor World Towers (KWT) is emerging as a trendsetter. The commercial complex comprises various integrated workplaces with several other avenues serving different needs of its tenants, their guests, prospects and clients.

KWT is a prominent business center with five towers spread across nine acres. It offers AAA Grade offices, restaurants, shopping centers and a High Street to make it one of the most coveted commercial places in Pune. To know more about KWT, its sustainable business potential and advantages, call +91-020-6764 1818.



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