Modern Office Spaces in Pune - Best Investment for Your Growing Business

The otherwise rapidly growing commercial real estate market of Pune suffered a significant setback during the pandemic in 2020. Of course, Pune wasn’t the only city that suffered. Every other city on this planet had to face a similar situation. While much of the world yet continues to struggle with the pandemic, its subsequent waves, and virus variants, 2021, as we’ve already seen so far, has been a much better year. A couple of significant reasons for it include the introduction of the vaccine and, yes, the urge to restart and turn things around.

With many companies now reinvesting in office spaces and calling their employees back, the WFH era is soon believed to end. So, if you are a growing company managing business remotely, you must consider investing in an office space that uplifts your business. Nevertheless, investing in just an ‘office’ won’t suffice anymore. Instead, you must now invest in a modern office space that offers an investment edge. Many may question why. Accordingly, let’s highlight some benefits of investing in modern office spaces in Pune.

4 Benefits of Investing in Modern Office Spaces In Pune


 A modern office integrates many essential aspects such as a smart layout, intelligent features, secure working environment, opulent working space, etc. These features are necessary for the 21st century growing business to create a lasting impact. That’s because they prove beneficial in several ways. Here are four crucial ones.

1. Attract More Remunerative Prospects

Of course, it wouldn’t be sensible to consider an office space alone to be responsible for converting leads into prospects. However, although the relation isn’t direct, it is catalyzing. A modern and opulent office space establishes your credibility. In a way, it convinces prospects about your financial muscle and the kind of investors and investments you might have driven for your business.
All these factors can influence the prospects’ decision-making process. A modern office, coupled with a solid service proposal, can have the prospect to think twice before considering any other service provider.

2. Get and Retain Better Talent

Talent acquisition and retention have become more of a business strategy these days. Companies do everything they can to get on board the best talent and retain it. It includes offering everything from attractive salary packages, perks to incentives and employee-oriented value add-ons. However, not many realize that office space is equivalent to everything else that companies usually offer to their prospective employees.

How is that? At the outset, a certain feeling of pride is associated with working in an opulent office situated at a prime location. Such workspaces are easily accessible. So, employees do not have to travel long distances and cut their way through the traffic every day only to reach the office.

Secondly, many job-seeking candidates these days, especially those with an in-demand skill set, look forward to or prefer working in companies with a lavish office. Somehow, they relate these elements with the company’s approach toward their employees.

Employee retention is another crucial advantage associated with a modern workspace. People love to work in an inspiring and fresh working environment. Let’s discuss this aspect a bit in detail in the next point!

3. Provide an Inspiring Work Environment 

Luxury Office Space 

An elegant office space equipped with modern amenities and intelligent features provides an inspiring work environment. While the office’s well-thought interiors offer employees fresh and encouraging working conditions, the inclusion of intelligent features such as automation augment employee efficiency, improve process accuracy and thus contribute to enhanced customer service. In this view, one cannot discount the fact that happy and engaged employees translate to delighted customers!

4. Reduce Overall Costs

Overall cost reduction is another significant benefit of buying modern office spaces in Pune. That’s because, for instance, modern workspaces are equipped with features that automate the use of electricity, based on the use and planned in a way to optimize the entry of fresh air and natural light across every possible corner of the office. The result of which is reduced energy costs.

Additionally, they leverage intelligent furniture that offers greater space utility in a smaller area. Furthermore, advanced security features can help avoid graver security mistakes, recovering from which may incur an exorbitant cost.

Of course, investing in a modern office requires a considerable initial investment. However, considering its benefits in the long run, it is worth investing in a modern workspace in Pune.

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Where to Buy the Best Modern Office Spaces in Pune?

kwt pune (1) 

The answer undoubtedly is Kohinoor World Towers (KWT). KWT isn’t just another commercial complex but a prominent business center and landmark in the making. The massive business center is between Pimpri and Chinchwad, on the arterial road connecting Pune and Mumbai. Thus, it is easily accessible through various public and private transport means, thus making it easier and quicker to reach the center.

KWT offers AAA grade, multi-sized modern and innovative commercial spaces to serve multiple sectors such as retail, IT, hospitality, etc. It will also feature a High Street that will help open new business opportunities.

Your decisions will matter as much as your strategy, products, and services amid the challenging contemporary business environment. So, don’t keep thinking! The sooner, the better. Connect with Kohinoor and book your modern office in Pune in KWT. For details, talk to KWT’s team at +91 20 6764 1818



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