Move to Luxurious Office Spaces and Attract New Talent & Clients

During the pandemic, the world might have witnessed a shift from conventional office spaces to home-based workplaces. However, did it affect the significance of office spaces? No. Office spaces still matter. An elegantly designed, luxurious office space speaks to lengths about your approach towards your clients and your employees. It can help attract new talent and establish your credibility among prospects. How? Let’s find out the answer.

5 Essential Features of a Luxury Office – Go for AAA grade!

To understand how luxurious offices can drive new talent and clients towards your organization, you must first look at the various features of a contemporary luxury office that people look for.

1. Elegant Design and Layout

Luxury Office Space 

One of the fundamental aspects of every opulent office is its layout. For office spaces to appear attractive and convenient, they must be elegantly designed. Architects must consider aspects such as employee and client comfort, convenience, desk layout, movements within the office premises, and fresh air and natural light.

So, a luxurious office doesn’t necessarily refer to an attractive and complementing color scheme. It incorporates various features that enhance the overall experience of working and moving around. Employees or clients must not feel cluttered, congested, or suffocated while in the office. The office must feel fresh enough to stimulate innovative ideas.

2. Modern Amenities

KWT Lobby 

Amenities have become crucial these days. Employees and clients expect companies to provide modern amenities such as well-maintained and hygienic washrooms, security features such as biometrics, and CCTV coverage.

Additionally, the need for coffee vending machines, spacious cafeteria, exclusive restrooms for lady clients and employees, praying room, entertainment and indoor sports section, an elegant reception desk and lobby, etc., should also be considered to ensure the highest levels of comfort.



Many organizations tend to ignore these aspects, as they only consider basic amenities to be essential. However, with time, client and employee expectations have evolved. They feel better when they are cared for. These factors may not directly relate to employee and client satisfaction, but they certainly catalyze positivity in the long run.

3. Smart Workspaces

Smart Office Space 

Another essential facet of luxurious office space, especially those in the 21st century, is intelligent workspaces. Smart or intelligent workspaces refer to optimized use of the office space available. They are highly functional areas that meet the evolving needs of the corporate world while providing a comfortable environment to work and discuss business.

However, that’s not it. Features such as intelligent workspaces feature smart desks/ conference rooms, automated and intelligent climate and lighting control, voice control, advanced security features, indoor maps, etc., also have become imperative to provide next-level workspace experiences.

4. Engaging Interiors

As mentioned earlier, although the interior design of an office isn’t the only factor that contributes to its luxury quotient, it plays a pivotal role in enhancing people’s engagement with the office. In other words, it makes people remember a particular office. Some factors to pay attention to in this regard include bright and fresh colors, smart and durable furniture, a classy entrance, cubicles and cabinets, temporality, etc.

5. A Prime Location!

This was unexpected, wasn’t it? How could a prime location contribute to an office’s luxury? It certainly doesn’t do it directly. However, it matters when it comes to factors such as commuting convenience, accessibility, etc. Imagine buying a luxurious office space but in the far outskirts of the city that takes hours to reach. As against that, an office amidst a prime location of a city certainly adds value.

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How does a Luxurious Office Attract New Talent and Clients?

Excellent talent comes at a cost. Of course, salary is one aspect. However, what also matters is the office space. A luxurious workspace can undoubtedly enhance your efforts in onboarding the best talent for your business. In fact, a short description of the office space, featuring its amenities, etc., is becoming an essential part of job advertisements.

In simpler words, if you want to increase the likelihood of onboarding the best resources for your business, you must give them something that drives them towards your company. Additionally, many people, who’ve been working from home for quite a long time, are now looking forward to working in luxurious workplaces and delivering their best.

What about prospects? Remember, a luxurious workplace denotes the investment potential of an organization. As stated earlier, it also signifies a company’s approach towards attracting quality and remunerative business opportunities. It creates the first impression and, in a way, it also proves a contributing factor in converting prospects into customers.

Kohinoor World Towers – Book Luxurious Office at a Prime Location Near Pune

Kohinoor World Towers (KWT), Pune 

Kohinoor World Towers (KWT) is an upcoming AAA-grade commercial office space business tower near Pune. It isn’t just another business complex but a prominent landmark that features five towers and luxurious, multi-sized and intelligent commercial spaces. The business center also features a high street to provide a promising business avenue to the retail, restaurant, and other consumer-facing businesses.

Additionally, Kohinoor enjoys a strategic location. It is situated on the arterial road, near the upcoming Pimpri metro station between Chinchwad and Pimpri. Opulent workspaces at an easily accessible and prominent location will potentially refer to better business opportunities and talent acquisition in the future. KWT has the potential to prove that true! To know more about KWT or bookings, connect with the sales team at +91 20 6764 1818



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