Commercial Properties in Pune: The Changing Trends in Luxury Office Spaces

They say change is the only constant thing in life. And we feel that’s true in the case of luxury office spaces as well. They’ve evolved significantly over the years. The flamboyant commercial offices in Pune or Mumbai that you would have found in the 90s, featuring king-size cabins have now been reduced to compact cabinets and cabins. Of course, space crunch and the need to preserve capital for the more significant factors of the business are somewhere responsible. But that’s certainly not it. Luxury offices have evolved to become even smarter and better in recent years. Let’s see in what way.

Commercial Properties in Pune are Evolving – 4 Luxury Office Space Trends to Define the Future


Pune’s growing commercial significance, coupled with the newly developed breed of entrepreneurs, who work with a fresh and innovative thought process, have helped change the city’s commercial property landscape. These are people, for whom working in a traditional office would be the last resort. They demand office spaces that resonate with their thought process, energy, and enthusiasm. These four trends signify how commercial offices in Pune have changed lately.

1. Open Creative Office Spaces


Creative office spaces are a pretty popular trend these days, especially among 21st-century entrepreneurs. Many startups, creative media agencies, etc., seem to be following this trend.

So, what exactly are creative office spaces? The way creativity does not have a certain definition, defining creative offices too isn’t as straightforward. It is because creativity can entail anything. From graffiti walls to unconventional sitting arrangements, creativity has no boundaries when it comes to many workplaces these days. For instance, Googleplex in the United States may be considered an example of creative workspaces.

You would hardly find an element or two that’s conventional in a creative office space. From flooring to the desks and from the office’s entrance to its breakout areas, everything is different and creatively carved. Besides, creative spaces are airier, more naturally illuminated, have higher ceilings, and feel more vibrant. Additionally, they are open workspaces that promote internal communication, thought-sharing, etc.

2. Co-Working Luxury Spaces


It’s been almost a decade since co-working spaces have settled in Pune. Co-working spaces are a smart and innovative alternative to promote collaboration, broaden the network, and curb operational costs and property rents to the highest possible extent. Many startups and companies with a smaller workforce choose to rent luxury co-working spaces. It helps them save the running capital of the business and get everything that they’d otherwise get while operating within an independent office space.

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3. Intelligent Workspaces


Intelligent Workspaces (1) 

Intelligent workspaces redefine offices by focusing only on what’s important to run a business. Also termed smart workspaces, these offices are pretty compact with every inch of the office optimally utilized. However, although compact, smart offices are devoid of clutter. Employees wouldn’t have to work in a congested space, asking one another to move and adjust a bit. Additionally, smart offices essentially embrace automation. That makes them more energy-efficient, environment-friendly, and pocket-friendly as well!

4. Integrated Luxury Workspaces

Modern and luxury office space in pune 

Another significant trend these days is integrated luxury workspaces. Now, what are integrated luxury workspaces? While they are free to feature a trendy design or a conventional one, the core factor that distinguishes luxury integrated offices is that they have various other amenities such as a fitness center, a cafeteria, a restaurant, etc., all under one roof. Many young entrepreneurs choose to operate in an integrated environment to optimize business hours and at the same time, attend to personal needs.

Working in an integrated office indeed proves beneficial. Read Integrated Commercial Spaces in Pune – Why is it Best to Relocate Your Office to know more.

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