How is Maan Area in Pune for Real Estate Investment

The industry of real estate development has been really progressive and encouraging in Pune. Different prime locations in the City over a period of time have become epicenters of real estate development work. Builders and developers have undertaken large scale real estate development projects which have been both commercial as well as residential in their nature.

As a buyer or an investor looking for suitable residential properties in Pune the Maan area definitely poses several opportune upcoming projects. In the following discourse we will take a close look at the Maan in Pune overview to understand how prospectus is it to invest in the real estate project coming up in the area.

How Is The Maan Area?

Maan Hinjewadi

In Pune Maan is an adjoining area near Bhoirwadi. Currently it is one of the leading urban areas in the Hinjewadi phase 2 and 3 in Pune. The area is also referred to as a Smart City. The Maan area connects with the Bhoirwadi Hinjewadi phase 3 in an effective manner. It is one of the main cosmopolitan regions in Pune.

The area is very well connected with nearby places like Baner, Balewadi and Aundh. The area is in nearby vicinity from the Rajiv Gandhi Infotech park, the international Tech Park and the Mahalunge Hitech City. These places are considered to be the IT hubs of Pune where you can find a high concentration of Corporate offices of the leading IT brands in the country.

A Positive Horizon For Real Estate

The Maan area in Pune is considered to be a golden horizon for real estate development projects. Interested buyers can find a string of new launched projects in Maan Pune. You can find as many as around 300 new residential properties coming up in the area. Some of the most celebrated real estate development brands have invested into large scale residential projects in the area.

Naturally it is quite clear that the area is considered to be rather encouraging for construction and real estate development. The return on investment of these properties is generally very high.

Why Is It Good For Real Estate Investors?

Real Estate Investment

One thing that stands quantified from the information provided since the beginning of the discussion is that a location will be considered lucrative by real estate developers and investors only when it is supported by a framework of solid facilities and amenities. Maan area in Pune is provided with all the facilities and infrastructure which makes it a great location for a flourishing urban settlement.

The area has a great network of roads and highways, it has a lush green background with rich natural resources and the existence of some of the leading IT companies in the nearby area. Clearly the place is one of the IT hubs of the city which offers opportune employment options for IT professionals.

All these factors and more make the Maan area in Pune highly encouraged and a prospect for real estate investing. This fact is clearly quantified by the large number of residential complexes that have already been developed in the area and innumerable New Residential Projects in Maan that are coming up shortly.

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Maan Area Connectivity, Future Demand, Growth, Etc

Maan Area Connectivity

The Maan region in Pune falls under the jurisdiction of Hinjewadi and Pune Metropolitan region Development Authority. The area is well connected with the adjoining vicinity of Balewadi Aundh and Baner in Pune. The line three metro railways connect Maan to Barwadih through the Megapolis circle station.

The Hinjewadi metro station is once again under the process of construction. The region of Maan is also connected with the neighboring areas through an efficient bus transport system. The region is ripe for development of hospitals, schools, colleges, marketplaces, etc. All of this and more naturally makes the flats in Maan Hinjewadi Pune a hot property proposition.

Introducing a New Project For Fitness Enthusiasts In Maan Hinjewadi

Kohinoor Sportsville Maan Hinjewadi

The Kohinoor Sportsville Maan is a new residential project in the region which offers every fitness enthusiast a wide variety of physical activity and sports options. This is one of the most appealing features of this residential real estate property. This is a feature which will allow all the inmates to indulge in regular physical fitness activities so that they can keep themselves fit and healthy even in situations like lockdown when we will be unable to step outside these complexes.

This new residential project offers a quality community life to the inmates of the complex where they can practice fitness activities for physical well being without being exposed to the threat of coming in contact with infections of covid-19 and other diseases.

A Quality Lifestyle

Lifestyle In Kohinoor Sportsville Maan

Without a doubt it can be concluded that this new project – the Kohinoor Sportsville Maan will surely offer a quality lifestyle to all the property owners there. The makers and the developers of the property have kept one of the most important requirements of the modern time in their mind while developing this project.

The complex is not only developed on a sprawling large area but it incorporates various facilities of physical activity and other fitness programs which will help a person to retain their fitness and agility even during tough and grim situations that have emerged in the present global pandemic condition.

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