Premium Real Estate Growth in Pune

The demand for getting your own home in Pune is on a boom. People from inside the state and all corners of the country are wanting to shift and live in the Oxford of the East.

Multiple factors contribute to the rising of crowds wanting to step into the residential real estate of Pune, including the prime educational facilities and rising bars of IT graphs. However, the most prominent reasons lie deep inside the pleasant atmosphere that captures all its residents.

Pune has been ranked the second best city to live in, in India.

While staying in a place of pleasure, it’s not just the city that counts to optimum living conditions. Your housing, its connectivity, maintenance, and a lot of banter welcome’s themselves through the main door.

When Investing in Premium Real Estate:


Top locations for commercial real estate property

If you are an aspiring investor in the residential real estate market, there is a long checklist waiting for you. To simplify your hassle, here’s a smaller one to guide you through your journey of buying premium real estate.

1. Housing Plans:

A premium piece needs a real identifier, to analyze its price. Check the carpet area, flooring plan, and other details while you chip into the booking process.
The same 2 BHK can make a huge difference, through factors like spacing, balcony-views, project housing the homes, etc.

2. Maintenance services:

Buying a home is a journey that starts when the possession is handed over to you. Your comfort begins when things go wrong yet are handled with utmost care. Look for projects which ensure premium maintenance. A true customer-centric company will take care of the post-possession experience.
Take a look at our dedicated call-center and maintenance team, Sada Sukhi Raho.

3. Lifestyle Amenities:

While internal factors of your home contribute to your luxury lifestyle, amenities become the cherry on the cake. The ambiance you choose to live in counts as a part of your premium living. Choose the right set of indoor and outdoor amenities while buying your dream home.

4. Well-Connected Location:

Pune is extending its limits every ninth hour. And every extended kilometer makes Pune an even bigger city. It is important to select the right areas to live in, where your family can be at ease and work is just a few minutes away.
Today every location in Pune houses a premium residential, letting you live lavish wherever you wish to.

Kohinoor is launching premium lifestyle options in all the major areas of Pune. Have a look and find serenity in luxury living with your Family at Kohinoor.


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Featuring Kohinoor Attractions:

Your questions of where to invest in Pune Real Estate are answered below.

1. Reina : The Kohinoor of Kondhwa



All the amenities that you crave, are here in Kondhwa. Reina offers your sophisticated homes with branded living spaces and premium maintenance services. Not only for residents, but Kohinoor Reina also turns out to be a booming option for investors.

Due to its well-connected location and premium ambiance, the rent generated will be high.

2. Jeeva: The Kohinoor of Bibvewadi



Kohinoor Jeeva Bibvewadi is located in one of the best localities, Mahesh Society. At Jeeva, your everyday living will be elevated to a blissful state. From luxurious amenities to Maintenance backup services of the Sada Sukhi Raho team, Kohinoor works on the backend to grow your life in a better and healthier environment.

3. Sapphire 2: The Kohinoor of Tathawade


Kohinoor_Sapphire 2

Tathawade is a growing suburb of Pune, getting in the discussion of the real estate market these days. Its close proximity to the Hinjewadi IT hub is what makes it so special. Working professionals look for a comfortable ambiance so that managing home and work together becomes a lesser hassle.

After the successful launch of Sapphire 1, Kohinoor has brought yet another amazing option for homebuyers of Tathawade. Kohinoor Sapphire 2 has all the features of Sapphire 1 and more. Swimming Pools, Pergolas, Landscape gardens are just some luxurious amenities to count on.


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4. Tinsel Town: The Kohinoor of Hinjewadi


Tinsel Town actual Site image

Carefully planned amenities, close proximity to work, luxurious neighbourhood, easy commute to all the places of daily needs, and much more has gone into the making of Tinsel Town, Hinjewadi. You can experience sheer convenience with these 2 BHK flats of Hinjewadi.

5. Coral: The Kohinoor of West Pune



Kohinoor Coral is situated in Hinjewadi. These homes fit best for young parents, working professionals, real estate investors, and even fitness enthusiasts. Counting up to its premium and modern amenities, Coral also offers you nature-view homes amidst the city lights.


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6. Abhimaan Homes: The Kohinoor of Shirgaon


Kohinoor Actual Image_Abhimaan-01

We all are dreaming to live in the lap of nature while surviving the traffic clusters. Why just keep dreaming? Be a Pumbaikar.
Abhimaan Homes, powered by the Sada Sukhi Raho team, are best for family living. The branded spaces come hand in hand with family-friendly amenities. Your luxury lifestyle is now in budget with Kohinoor’s Abhimaan Homes Shirgaon.

Live inside a wonder, let your abode be an attraction.

Come, Home to Kohinoor. Live in Lavishness with Kohinoor Attractions.



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