How to Lead an Active Lifestyle in Lockdown: For Fitness Enthusiasts

The global pandemic of Novel CoronaVirus or Covid-19 has been an unprecedented event -something which has not been witnessed by the human population across the world till date. The flames of this global health threat have ravaged the world as a whole.

Known lifestyle patterns had to be discarded to take up the norms of the ‘new normal’. Amongst a wide variety of adaptations modern men, women and children also needed to chalk down new principles ensuring personal fitness.

Current Lockdown Situation


Current Lockdown Situation

The situation of covid-19 seems to be far from over. Various nations across the world have in fact been hit by consecutive second and third waves of the pandemic. In some countries, the spread of the virus has really led to alarming propositions. In the face of such a mass scale epidemic, global leaders across the world have found it only wise to follow the practice of lockdown to various extents.

The situation has become more than grave when schools, colleges, offices, markets, multiplexes, restaurants, shopping malls, religious places have been closed down for the general public. There seems to be only one basic thumb rule to follow - do not step out of the house unless really necessary.

In this situation where maximum people across the world are imprisoned within the four walls of their home living a normal life has become increasingly challenging.

Being Active in the ‘New Normal’


Being Active in the ‘New Normal’


Fitness during a pandemic has become one of the reigning concerns for not only the doctors, healthcare fraternity, fitness enthusiasts, but the human society as a whole. Relentless confinement within the walls of their houses is robbing maximum people of their physical fitness.

They are becoming essentially physically inactive and losing physical confidence, and their ability to take physical stress. Hence a growing number of people are trying to find different ways, means and methods through which they can live an active but safe life. The challenge is to look for a way of being physically active without exposing yourself to the threat of getting infected by the virus of Corona.

Current Conditions of Sports Hub and Gymnasiums


Gymnasiums in Hinjewadi

As a stick guideline from the Government of India along with the various places of economy and entertainment even places like parlours, gymnasiums, swimming pools are to be kept closed to the general public places. These are the places that attract patrons in large numbers. Hence the threat of community spread will only increase if these places are allowed to remain open.

With the closure of the gymnasiums now home exercise during lockdown seems to be the only way through which you can keep healthy and active. Doctors, healthcare professionals, physical fitness trainers are also supporting this particular approach for keeping safe and physically healthy during the period of lockdown.

Where to go to Stay Fit


How Staying Home and Exercising can Still Keep you Fit 1


This is the time when you need to design your own fitness regime. Ideally, look for places that are vacant and free of heavy crowds. Try visiting the nearby field or a park in the early morning hours for a quick jog or brisk walking. This will help you remain active, imbibe all the goodness of the early morning air and also stay away from crowds which really fosters the threat of the Corona community spreading.


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Community Living with Sports Facilities


amenities indoor games clubhouse

In the current situation, it seems that residential complexes and real estate properties that have sports and other physical activities facilities are the best places to live in to lead an active and healthy life during the period of this pandemic. Residential complexes with sports facilities, like a jogging ground, walking track, basketball court, tennis courts, open spaces for cycling offers many options of exercising to the inmates of the community.

People living in the residential complexes can find their own suitable and safe time when they can step out of their house indulging in some kind of physical activity. When they make use of their own homes with sports facilities, the chances of coming in contact with the virus and spreading the infection is reduced by a huge margin.

How Staying Home and Exercising can Still Keep you Fit




When you live in a residential complex that offers you a wide variety of options of exercising and staying physically active and healthy you can decide and plan your own fitness regime. The choices or the options you can take up to design a fitness framework for yourself is quite varied and exciting.

Since you live in this area or within this residential Complex you are at liberty to move out of your house at any odd hours during the day or late evening. If you so wish you can also step out for a walk after dinner!

Live Healthy in the Times of Corona


Live Healthy in the Times of Corona


You can follow a healthy lifestyle not just for yourself but you can also help your other family members to live an active and physically healthy life. Various activities like walking, jogging, cycling can keep you physically active, reduce your levels of stress and anxiety and can make you feel good both physically and mentally even during these depressing times.

This element can essentially help to revitalize your immunity and make you stronger and healthier to face the challenges of the pandemic.

Introducing a New Sports Residential Hub in Maan, Pune



The Kohinoor Sportsville Maan is one of the finest examples of a residential hub in Pune which offers a broad spectrum of sports and other physical activities. These are the kind of residential complexes which can help its inmates to live healthy, stress-free and physically active life even during the times of Covid-19 and its resulting lockdown.


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