How Hinjewadi Has Changed In The Past Two Decades?

Pune the cultural capital of Maharashtra has developed in such a way that in 2014 it was finally awarded its long due status of calling itself and being known to the rest of the country as a Tier 1 city. Several say that the IT sector has majorly contributed to this. And, this would not be too far away from the truth.

This industry since it was established before the turn of the millennium has revamped the city and filled it with several opportunities. And, not only within the shadow of its own umbrella but across an even wider range and scope than anyone would’ve expected.

The truth is that the major boom in one sector has lead to a developmental discourse throughout Pune. It’s almost like all the other industries are competing with the IT sector and investing more to grow and reach a more renowned status.

This chain reaction has caused a massive surge in advancements on several fronts throughout the city.


Hinjewadi bird eye view

Once known as the Oxford of the east the city is now pushing limits to be recognized on a global level attracting students, working professionals and retirees from various corners of the world.

Hinjewadi, home to the first IT hub in the city – 'the Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park' currently employs more than 70,000 software professionals among a lot more other personnel. This is what has brought Hinjewadi to the forefront of everyone’s mind.

Let’s look at some of the different aspects of the growth line that have taken Hinjewadi from a village to an all-new land for growth, opportunity and prosperity.


Hinjewadi IT Sector Pune


Hinjewadi has now transformed into a promised land for anyone and everyone connected to the IT sector. Although, the transformation of this place has not been coincidental, a big reason why this place has developed into such a big hub is because of its strategic location.

Out of Pune’s most well-known and inhabited areas – Hinjewadi is located closest to the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. This gives it a massive boost as it is easily accessible to the biggest metropolitan city in the country.

This was one of the most compelling reasons why the largest IT hub was set-up here. Some of the biggest companies to use this space for their offices are Infosys Technologies, TATA Technologies, KPIT Cummins Info-systems, Wipro Technologies, Tech Mahindra Limited, Cognizant, Geometric Limited, etc.


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Hinjewadi real estate development


With the rise of the IT Empire and massive requirements for jobs in the booming companies – real estate was the next industry in-line to flourish. Here, real estate meant not only housing infrastructure, but, even entertainment hubs/zones, small and large scale commercial and retail establishments, and other economical and social establishments.

Even today there are several new foundations and projects being laid out in Hinjewadi. Many of the biggest players in the reality and development such as  Paranjape Schemes Construction Limited, Kohinoor Group, Pegasus Properties, Kumar Properties, XRBIA Developers, etc. are investing in the Hinjewadi. 


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Hinjewadi Entertainment avenues


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The massive influx of people in the city has generated a requirement for a lot of other sister and parallel industries.

It is fairly obvious that once there is a boom through which people are attracted to a particular place several businesses are set to accommodate them in such a way that they do not need to travel far or go outside to get what they’re looking for.

Entertainment here includes a variety of restaurants, pubs, bars, malls, shopping complexes, retail outlets, wholesale markets, parks, community centres, etc. Hinjewadi has a variety of all of these in such a way that it has become an extremely well known place to live and settle in.



Education in hinjewadi


Hinjewadi now boasts of a presence of several well renowned educational institutes spread across the mini IT city.

This is a natural phenomenon because there has been a massive trend of several IT working professionals moving there along with their families. A majority of these families have either one or more children.

To satisfy the need for quality education to the ever-growing population within Hinjewadi several educational institutes have been set up within the area. Some of the most well-known ones are Blue Ridge Public School, Mercedes Benz International School, Pawar Public School, International Institute of Information Technology, Symbiosis International University, and more.


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Today Hinjewadi is known as one of the most prime locations in Pune to invest or live in. The standard of living has significantly improved and there are several opportunities for growth in a variety of avenues.

Hinjewadi has now evolved into a much larger community than it used to be. People who live and work there are now proud of being connected with the place.

Over the past few years and now more than ever Hinjewadi has significantly contributed to the overall growth of Pune. And, although this isn’t the beginning there are no signs of the upscale advancement slowing down anytime soon.

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