7 Reasons To Invest In Hinjewadi

Do you want to take advantage of the economic boom of recent times? Then you should probably begin investing in real estate right now!

You may be confused about the location you want to choose for investing. Out of the various available options, you may want to consider Hinjewadi in Pune.

This suburb is one of the most rapidly developing localities; not only in the state of Maharashtra, but, in the country. Nowadays, Hinjewadi is highly regarded as the economic hub of the state and investment in Hinjewadi, Pune is high on every real estate investors radar.

In the late nineties

In the yesteryears, it is the Gram Panchayat with the Sarpanch as its head which used to take care of all the disputes of the village people. Decades ago - this suburb was underdeveloped, and the local inhabitants had an extremely laid back lifestyle.


Hinjewadi real estate development


Fast-forward to today, and, one can easily find some of the most advanced companies in the country and in the world - strongly established in the area. So, let's quickly see how all of the change has come about, and in-turn, see what Hinjewadi as a prospect for investment is actually a really good option -

1. Development of phases 4, 5 & 6 of the Rajiv Gandhi IT park

A new wave in the form of an Special Economic Zone (SEZ) was set up in Hinjewadi. The Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) then built the Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park in 2001. The cost of construction was around Rs. 155 crores, and, the whole area of it was mostly established in three phases.


This Park is located in the city of Pune on the western part of Wakad. This IT Park has been a home to multiple companies of various magnitudes and sizes.Talks in-regards with the further development of phases 4, 5, & 6 of the IT Park are already happening.

2. Creation & Further-Generation of more employment opportunities

The IT Park at Hinjewadi is a source of employment for more than 70000 people world-wide. This IT hub in Pune has attracted some global software giants such as Satyam, Wipro, TCS, Infosys, IBM Global, and Cognizant. These companies are known to provide a fair and ample opportunity for career growth to all of it employees.

Other software companies are also following the lead and are planning to begin their operations in this location soon.


Numerous walk-to-work projects have also emerged in this sector to reduce dependency on vehicles that would otherwise contribute towards a traffic. So, Hinjewadi has a great overall precedent when it comes to a better life & lifestyle; especially when it comes to living and working the area.


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3. Rise in rental income

Among the areas in the cities that have shown a significant increase in demand for commercial as well as residential properties, Hinjewadi stands tall amongst them.

The continuous rise in demand for commercial properties has also led to a rise in the rental value of all the spaces around it. For people who are new to this part of town, Hinjewadi has managed to capture the attention of several individuals, and, for good reason.


Various factors such as the locational advantage and easy-&-great connectivity to many of the major parts of the city have majorly contributed towards the ever-rising popularity and demand in this area. The future for Real Estate in Hinjewadi is bright, and, any investor can obtain high returns on their investment(s).

4. Kohinoor Has Been Bridging the Demand-&-Supply Gap For Homes

In the real estate world, some of the reputed companies such as the Kohinoor Group have made their mark (and a lot more). Life does not revolve around the concept of mere existence. It is all about living life to the fullest.

Time is precious, and so it is a wise idea to make optimal use of time; and, that was the main thinking behind the ideas come to fruition in Hinjewadi (and beyond, of course).


Some of Kohinoor's Residential Projects in the area are -

• Kohinoor Coral


Kohinoor Coral Hinjewadi Pune


Being enveloped by greenery every day will be an escape into a much needed freshness. But that’s not all - endowed with amenities and specifications for every family member, Kohinoor Coral is where form and function will blend like never before.


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• Tinsel Town


Tinsel Town Hinjewadi


The Kohinoor Tinsel Town has created quite a stir in the neighbourhood. It is with this objective in mind that Tinsel Town has been designed so that your commute time is reduced to a significant extent. It is located quite near to the IT hub of Pune.


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• Tinsel County


Tinsel County Hinjewadi phase 3


Enjoy your life by living it in an easy way at Kohinoor Tinsel County. The convenient distance from some of the prominent establishments in Hinjewadi makes it one of the best places to live if you are working in this part of the city.


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5. Preferred Location for A Lot of Migrant Population

Since the last two or three years, there has been a spike in demand for both - commercial and residential properties in Hinjewadi. In fact, one of the fastest growing areas of this state has a vast array of commercial office slots that are known and create ripples around the world.


Most of these commercial areas are in close vicinity to restaurants, shopping malls, and theatres. The tactful locations' planning offers an ideal scope for any enterprise to prosper. Hinjewadi also offers great connectivity options to the cities of Mumbai and Bengaluru.

6. Hinjewadi Offers Great Overall Connectivity

The approval of the Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority for establishing a Metro Link between Hinjewadi and Shivaji Nagar through twenty-three stations has been approved & obtained.


This line usually faces a lot of traffic congestion and as soon as the extension will be implemented, it will ensure a smoother flow of traffic throughout the connecting areas.


Hinjewadi's might-close proximity to the Bengaluru-Mumbai Highway is also something that has continually contributed towards the overall development and growth of the area.


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7. Scope for High-Quality Community Living

In this part of the city, you can always expect to gain a lot of exposure in-terms that there is great precedent to meet like-minded individuals from several walks of life. Due to the availability and optimum development of the area, one can expect unlimited access to several premium lifestyle amenities.


Start investing in real estate because this city is ready to offer a perfect work-&-life balance to one and all.

Invest in Hinjewadi today!


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