Education in Hinjewadi

Hinjewadi: the new education hub of Pune

One of the biggest IT suburbs in the country - Hinjewadi, Pune - has been experiencing a major boom in recent times. With a lot more young families moving-in to the area, huge development projects have already begun taking place. Shopping complexes, parks, restaurants, and most importantly some of the finest schools within the city can be found here.

Just to give you a sense of how convenient Hinjewadi as an optimum education destination actually is, let's take a quick look into a brief list of schools in the area.

A school is the foremost fountain of knowledge that children are exposed to. It gives them a chance to gain knowledge in various academic fields whilst also imbibing social and physical aspects of growth.

There are plenty of schools in Hinjewadi. One can easily arrange them across wider categories based on - light of teaching, infrastructure, extracurricular activities, and, so on.

This is why we have segregated this list on the basis of boards and educational levels.


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(The list is not in order of any rank)

Pre-Schools and Play Schools

For recently-married working professionals, first-time parents, or a parent(s) of newborns, there already are huge loads to take care of; but, finding the right pre/play school soon is something that is mostly likely to rank highest in their list' of priorities.

Here is a list of some of the best pre/play schools to choose from -

  • Kidzee

Expertise: Pioneer of ECCE (Early Childhood Care and Education) in India



  • KLAY Preschool and Day Care

Expertise: International standards of Education, Safety, Security and Hygiene.



  • Little Millennium

Expertise: Nourish your child’s formative years with love and care!



  • EuroKids Pre-School & Day Care

Expertise: State of the art school with modern classrooms and a nourishing home-like environment.



All of the pre-schools mentioned above are located in close proximity to Hinjewadi Phase 2. They offer the best in kindergarten, play-school, and, nursery services whilst also providing the highest quality of education and educational and recreational facilities in a safe & loving environment.


ICSE schools in Hinjewadi, Pune

In the later stages of the life of a child, motivation becomes an essential key to drive holistic growth. The academics, culture, curriculum, interactions, social influences and, lessons learned along the way plays a major role in the development of children learning that would eventually lead them towards success.

The right environment motivates children whilst also contributing to raising various levels of interest in their minds. An ICSE board combines some of the best of academics and practices that are aimed to keep a child motivated; and, for never ceasing to be interested in always learning more. The list given below highlights some of the finest ICSE schools in Hinjewadi, Pune. These schools conduct a lot of activities which give a lot of necessary exposure to children, and, includes provisions for appropriate infrastructure with extremely well-maintained campuses.

Some of the best ICSE schools in the area are -

  • Blue Ridge Public School

Expertise: Focuses on enhancing the positive traits in one’s personality to an optimum level. Extremely nice well-maintained campus.



  • VIBGYOR High School

Expertise: Provides Quality Education. The curriculum focuses on Holistic Education with equal attention to Sports and Performing Arts.


CBSE schools in Hinjewadi, Pune

CBSE against other boards is a never-ending debate; although, CBSE schools have some major advantages over the others, and, fortunately - Hinjewadi is home to some of the best CBSE schools in the country.

Some of the most well-known CBSE schools in the area are -

Pawar Public School

Expertise: Committed to providing a safe and intellectually challenging environment that facilitates and encourages students to become innovative thinkers.



  • Edify International School, Pune

Expertise: Provides a strong foundation in the academic disciplines, a broad exposure to the liberal arts, and selective opportunities to pursue individual interests.



  • Mount Carmel Public School

Expertise: Devoted to the purpose of advancement of education in all its aspects whether it’s social, mental or physical.



IB schools in Hinjewadi

IB schools provide students not only with a stimulating curriculum but also a nurturing and a supportive environment to ensure they experience success every day. It surely imparts a global perspective.

Two of the highest ranked IB schools in Hinjewadi are -

  • Mercedes-Benz International School,

Expertise: MBIS provides students with a learner-focused, rigorous and balanced education.



  • Symbiosis Centre for Management and Human Resource Development, etc.

Expertise: The intense academic curriculum is designed such that it prepares students to deliver their best.



To Conclude

Children tremendously benefit from the active contribution and involvement of their parents. Especially, in education. And, by selecting the right school, the parent not only ensures good educational opportunities, but are also thoroughly investing in the preparation for their children's future'. These schools in Hinjewadi can provide a consistent level of growth and additional opportunities for a child’s better development, so, please, always make the right choice!

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