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At Kohinoor Uptown Avenue, we believe in fostering a connection with nature. The meticulously crafted layout in one of the new residential projects in Punawale, Kohinoor Uptown Avenue, creates an environment that seamlessly integrates the outdoors into your everyday life, encouraging you to trade screen-time for precious green-time.

More than an afterthought, lush landscaping is the heart of our design in these duplex flats in Pune. The 2 BHK flat in Punawale is strategically positioned to maximise natural light, reducing dependence on artificial lighting and creating a naturally uplifting atmosphere. Meandering walkways spread throughout the community, inviting you to stroll amidst nature, connect with neighbours, and discover hidden green nooks. The thoughtfully designed green spaces in these 3 BHK in Punawale provide ample opportunities for planting in spacious balconies, hosting gatherings in a nature-infused backdrop, or simply enjoying a quiet moment with a book by the greens.

One of the upcoming projects in Punawale, Kohinoor Uptown Avenue’s layout paves the way for a healthier, happier lifestyle, one filled with refreshing green-time and precious moments reconnecting with yourself and the world around you.

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