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The way a floor plan is designed and executed defines how your life and your family’s life will be laid out in the house. Will the indoors be organized, can you design your interiors the way you want, do you have to make space for your storage containers and furniture or will there be allotted slots already to fit them in. A good floor plan makes a house look luxurious and spacious. Floor plans should be such that your life in that house does not feel congested at all.

Beginning your everyday life in a house depends on how everything is organized in your home premises. A good floor plan becomes the catalyst of joy in everyday living. The Kohinoor Abhimaan Floor Plan is the one that will bring happiness to your lifestyle while adding easy mobility to your living space. Find the best floor plans in these 2BHK in Talegaon Dabhade.


Type A - 1 BHK


Type A - 2 BHK

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