Which Are The Top Schools And Colleges In Tathawade, Pune?

Considering the list of schools, colleges and training institutes in the vicinity of the flat that you plan to buy is a very essential element of your decision. After all, you care about the future and career growth of your child and you want to impart the best education to him.

There are several reputable schools and colleges in Tathawade and its neighborhood. Purchasing a flat in this region is highly beneficial in terms of rendering top-quality education to your child.

The blog tries to cover the names of best educational institutes in the area.

Top CBSE Schools


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CBSE is a reliable education board relied upon by most Indian parents for excellent standard school education from class 1 till all through class 12.

There are some top CBSE schools in Tathawade known for their high-grade infrastructure and world-class teaching facilities.

Blossom Public School is a CBSE school in Tathawade, with classes till Std.12. It has an affordable tuition fee structure. Another good CBSE school in Tathawade is Adhira International. It is a brand new school, exclusively catering to new flat owners in the area.

Yet another renowned school in the region is the Orchids International School. The school has reputation for its consistently good results in board exams each year. Other good schools in Tathawade operating in CBSE framework are Indira National and Indus Champs.

Reputable MCA Colleges




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Tathawade in Pune is also a place where you would find some well-known MCA colleges of Maharashtra. The MCA colleges in Tathawade are equipped with ultra-modern lab facilities and related facilities, rendering high-standard education to students.

Dr. D.Y. Patil Institute of MCA is one such excellent institute with good curriculum and great placement support. Another top MCA college in Tathawade is the Jayawant Institute of Computer and Applications. Several students pass out from the institute each year, getting placed in reputable companies.

Yet another MCA college in the same region is C.K. Goyal College where you can admit your child to attain excellent technical education resulting in an advanced degree.

Top-rated MBA Colleges


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When it comes to management studies, Tathawade in Pune scores high marks in terms of being a lucrative location for multiple management institutes. MBA Colleges in Tathawade are some of the best management institutes in India, imparting top-notch management education and helping students secure high-paying jobs in the corporate world.

Arguably the brightest name in this regard is Symbiosis Pune. It is located in Phase 1 area in Hinjewadi, nearby Tathawade. The college is renowned for internationally placing its students with handsome remunerations.

Another top MBA college from the same region is the International Institute of Management and Human Resource Development. This MBA College has world-class facilities for its students.

IBS is also in the vicinity of Tathawade region in Pune. It is regarded among the best management colleges in Tathawade Wakad for management education with a global approach.

Not far from Pune University

Living in Tathawade and getting a bachelor’s or post-graduate degree from Pune University is also not difficult, as the distance of the university campus is only 12 km away from Tathawade.


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Buy Homes near Top Educational Institutes


Educational Institutes

As an insightful investor, you should aim to purchase a home in Tathawade Wakad region, close to top schools, colleges and management institutes. It would be wise decision from the perspective of possessing a high-value property, along with ensuring top-class education for your child.

In fact, the real estate market in Pune is significantly influenced by the quality of educational institutes in the city, especially in Tathawade area. The environment for school and college education is excellent, free from any political or administrative disturbance. Also, each and every institute has sophisticated facilities to cater to the needs of the students in a professional manner.

Purchasing a home in the proximity of good schools and colleges has its own benefits. The time to reach your kids to schools in Tathawade Pune and bring them back gets automatically reduced when you own an apartment in that area. Also, a lot of energy is saved. There is also a reduction in the transport budget if you plan to hire a regular vehicle or consider dropping your kid off at the school by driving own car.

If the school or college of your kid is close to your home, then it also accounts for a greater level of safety and security. You stay more relieved. Even your kid remains relaxed about daily commuting.


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Book your Home at Sapphire 2


Kohinoor_Sapphire 2

As a responsible parent or future parent, booking a home in one of the most exciting and new residential projects in Tathawade, it is a great decision indeed. Sapphire 2 is an ongoing residential project in Tathawade with excellent amenities. Among its several attributes, its proximity to top schools and colleges deserves a special mention.

Due to an advantageous location, the prices of apartments in Sapphire 2 residential project are sharply and consistently rising. If you book a home and lock the investment, then tremendous financial gains are awaiting you in the future.

Booking an apartment in Sapphire 2 would invariably mean more robustness in your financial planning. Also, as a young investor, you would be surer about a luxurious lifestyle ahead, especially when you plan for a family.

Enquire with real estate experts

It is judicious to enquire with the real estate professionals aware of projects in Tathawade Pune regarding the strong prospects of booking a home in the area.



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