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Whenever someone wants to invest in a new home, that someone always faces a question- whether the location the project is in is good or not. There are many things to consider when choosing an ideal place for residential as well as commercial space, e.g. the connectivity to the rest of the city, the price, the proximity to schools and offices, public transport, civic amenities and so much more.

But one of the most important contributing factors to choosing the location is the appreciation rates and future return on investment. Because at the end of the day, a home is a long term investment and one should select a project that holds the potential to give high returns over time, whether rental or on sale, even when you are not planning on selling the property anytime soon.

So, considering all of this- are flats in Tathawade, Pune an excellent place to invest?

In this blog, we will discuss why Tathawade is a location you should definitely watch out for and a solid reason to invest in a flat in Tathawade. With so many other up and coming areas in Pune city, Tathawade should be your top priority. Let us take a deep dive and see why Tathawade:

An Exclusive, Green, and Scenic Location

Scenic Location

One of the standout factors of buying a home is Tathawade is that it is a location, unlike any other in Pune. It is one of the few places that is surrounded by hills and mountains. Surrounding natural hotspots include the PCMC quarry and woodlands near Tathawade Gaon make any project present in Tathawade, 'Green abodes'.

The point to note is that all these natural hotspots are going to stay the same for many more decades to come; this is because they have become famous for their greenery and now attract environmentalists, along with hiking, and jogging enthusiasts.

Thus, the government and multiple NGOs currently host tree plantations and eco-conscious drives in these neighbouring areas along with driving forth an agenda of protecting the greenery here. Which means that these areas are going to remain full of trees for multiple more years to come, and are not going to be replaced by other buildings and concrete structures.

What it means for you is that the area of Tathawade is going to be one of the few sites in Pune that will offer undisturbed views of green hills along with fresh air and cool climate for the future generations; This will genuinely drive up the Tathawade-PCMC road property rate appreciation in the next five years and pay off the investments homebuyers will make today.

Investment By The Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipality

Development In Tathawade By PCMC

While the Pimpri-Chinchwad Municipality is conscious of the value the greenery adds to Tathawade and strives to protect it, there are also other developmental activities they are doing here, which is driving up economic growth.

Firstly, the PCMC has built an enlarged park consisting of an outdoor gym, benches, landscaping, and is also wheelchair accessible. It is genuinely like a modern, urban park and is used by senior citizens, children, fitness enthusiasts, joggers, and more.

Apart from the enlarged park, there is also new road development work happening on and ahead of the Tathawade main road, which is Mumbai-Bangaluru highway. The PCMC makes all of these infrastructure and urban planning investments as they foresee the future economic growth of Tathawade and want the area ready and equipped for the same.

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Current Affordability, Future Value

Affordable Flats In Tathawade

Tathawade is one of the fastest-growing areas of Pune in the past decade. It has gone from being a wild jungle in the '90s to a moderately developed area on the outskirts of Pune in the 2000s to a booming neighbourhood in the past 10 years. IT professionals from Hinjewadi to Manufacturing professionals from Chakan both are preferring Tathawade over other areas for its sheer connectivity and convenience.

Experts suggest that that property value has gone up 50-60% in the area in the last decade itself. It is also recommended that this growth is going to keep happening as more and more people get interested in the area.

But the advantage of investing in Tathawade now is that the place is relatively more affordable than the rest of Pune. While 2 BHK homes in central Pune areas like Deccan and SB road are being sold for 1.5 Cr and upwards, 2 bhk flats in Tathawade, Pune sees rates of around 30 Lakh to 80 Lakh depending on the square footage.

It means that though homes in Tathawade are relatively more affordable now, they are going to get more expensive as time progresses.


Tathawade Area Connectivity

Finally, one of the most prominent elements that determine whether a locale shows high returns overtime is whether it is connected to other vital areas or not. For example, in Mumbai, residential areas like Colaba are valued too high because they are easily connected to essential business districts like Nariman Point and Lower Parel, where a lot of offices are situated.

In the same manner, spaces on Tathawade main road property are connected to significant work centres like Hinjewadi, Wakad, PCMC, Chakan, Baner, and the ever-busy Mumbai-Bangalore highway. These areas are booming with offices and commercial centres like IT offices, IT parks, ad agencies, headquarters of various builders and developers etc.

Tathawade's easy connectivity to all the crucial areas of business means that the residential spaces here are going to be in high demand by the people who work in these offices. Eventually, this will increase the valuation of the area.

And that is it. These are the reasons why Tathawade is an up-and-coming area to invest in, and one should seriously consider buying a home here. High returns on investment have been forecasted in the next five years, and the area is now called a "property hotspot". The greenery, investment by the government, predicted value, and connectivity will ensure that real estate value keeps growing.

Don’t go searching for Tathawade area reviews, trust our words. Tathawade Pune review is among the best and has been considered as the benchmark for other neighbourhoods to complete.

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