Where Can I Shop for Economical Home Decor Items in Pune?

People are excited the most when it comes to decorating the home in their way. Due to the era of online shopping, It might get confusing from where exactly to buy home decor and furniture from. Find the five most valuable places in Pune to get the perfect home decor stuff for your home. Let’s go.

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Home decor items in Pune



We all pay a ton of attention when it comes to setting up the home. In the era of online shopping, we all seem to be much more obsessed with choosing the right items of our perfect homes. We expect top-notch varieties at our fronts to choose from. We all deserve to decorate our homes as per our choice and imaginary expectations.

If you want home decor furniture, Pune has got the best of outlets, shops, malls, showrooms for your hunt. You can find almost anything in this city from the stores selling different types of decorative products to beautify your living space. Explore more upcoming and premium residential projects in Pune.

Here are some of the places of home decoration items shops in Pune to visit:

Home Sukh


Home Sukh Logo



Home Sukh has a variety of curated brands to refresh the look of your home. Among the mall outlets, it is one of the best home decor shops in Pune. Home Sukh is located in Ishanya Mall, Off Airport Road, Pune. It is a huge furniture & home decor store filled with a wide collection of paintings, glass objects, crockery and ceramic items.

Home Sukh has a separate section called ‘Shilpam’ which is for wall pieces, lamps and other decor items. It has a different section for furnishing items like cushions, bedcovers, comforters and much more. Breather new life and bring joy to your home by lighting it up with beautiful chandeliers and lamps.

Ra Lifestyle

Ra Lifestyle Logo


Source: https://www.ralifestyles.com/

Ra is one of the highest-rated best furniture stores and lifestyle home decor showroom in Pune. Ra Lifestyle has a stunning collection of hand-crafted furniture, hardware and perfect decor accessories. With each piece a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted marvel you can showcase styles from vintage, contemporary, to the uniquely modern collection.

Ra is the best place to buy top brands furniture and home decor showcasing leather couches, leather sofas, outdoor furniture, chandeliers, etc. Buy whatever you need from the aesthetic range of tables to teacups, beds to bookshelves. Shop the unique and highly effective design and artwork to make your home a beautiful and vibrant extension of what you are.

Visit the flagship store in Kalyani Nagar, which has over fifteen hundred unique products on display. Free home delivery and assembly service are also made available anywhere in Pune by Ra.


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Tapkir Galli


Tapkir Galli Pune


Tapkir Galli in Budhwar Peth is situated in the heart of Pune. It is a home decor wholesale market in Pune with a narrow lane crowded by shops on both the sides of the street. Tapkir Galli is also known as the electric market of Pune.

You will find an amazing collection of fairy lights to decorate your home with pretty lanterns, chandeliers and much more. As this is a wholesale market, all the shops sell every item at wholesale rates. Hence you will end up buying everything of your choice at a fun deal.

Shivaji Market





The Shivaji market Pune history is eminent as it is the most exotic and ancient market. Shivaji Market has a plethora of other items and hidden gems for your home items. In the tiny lanes of this market, you will find many shops suitable for your home needs. You will find the most amazing glassware and decorative glass articles in the city.

Each and every item is reasonably priced in this market. Interesting items like delicate glass bells, wine glasses, perfume bottles, glass trees with leaves that shimmer and many decorative showpieces in coloured blow-glass. It's a right stop for all the outstanding pieces you would love to add in your home decor items.

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Sanskriti Lifestyle


Sanskriti Lifestyle


Sanskriti is one place for the right furniture for your home. This place in Koregaon Park is split into three bungalows with tons of items like beds, clothing items, paintings, pots, tables and chairs, cupboards and much more. With decor items that are exclusive and best from the rest, the entire store makes you want to have all the pieces.

You can find exactly what you are looking for under one roof if you have that attention to detail. You can get a comfortable shopping experience here, as this is a very homely place and not like those other commercial outlets.

That’s it...You wouldn't want to miss any tiny piece of art or decor when it comes to creating a perfect comfort space. Don't let any thought of compromise get in your head as you have tons of places in Pune to get that right stuff of your imagination.

Decorate your home with modern and traditional home decor furniture in Pune with these beautiful ornaments and items. Just get that right list of your wants and hit the market to grab them all to beautify your home space.

To decorate your home in your own accent, you need a space that speaks for itself. A true home lets you accentuate your joys and your style together. To find such homes, check the best residential projects in Pune here.


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