Top 6 Killer Ideas to Decorate Your Home On a Budget

Decorating your home on a budget? It's difficult but not impossible! Here are 6 effective ways to decorate your home on a shoestring budget and still make it look chic!


1. Peelable Wallpaper

Portrait of smiling couple holding wallpaper rolls


Wallpapers are a budget-friendly and easy way to add a pop of colour or fun to a child’s room. Go for floral, patterns, or bright shades to give it a modern feel. Multiple patterns like geometric shapes, minimal floral prints, and cartoon animal prints for children bedrooms are available on websites like Amazon.

2. Add A Swing


kids on a swing


A small swing in the middle of the room, if there is enough space, or in the balcony is not only a fun addition for your home but will also make the space seem different and more unique than the other parts in the house. And who doesn’t like a swing? 

3. New Curtain Styles or Blinds


Shot of a modern apartment


We get it. Blinds and curtains are an investment. But most cities have cost-effective curtain shops in the main market areas or they are also available on Amazon. 

You can layer curtains in your home for comfort and the character it adds to your home. Like sheer curtains in the back and blackout curtains in the front. You can also add rolled up blinds to make the window feel more open.

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4. A Beautiful Mirror


 teen girl standing in front of mirror

The large mirror on a wall in a room or the hall makes the room look more spacious, more lightened up, and is a timeless accent piece. Mirrors are a great way to style empty walls in the bedroom without spending too much money. So, opt for a mirror the next time you want to save some money and glam up a room. 

5. Furniture With A Low Height


low lying sofa


Low lying beds, sofa, and coffee tables are an amazing way to make your home look unique. If you are going to be investing in furniture, you’d rather invest in statement pieces. Websites like Pepperfry offer such furniture and better prices than the rest. You can also thrift furniture from second-hand shops- to save up some costs. 


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6. Plants

plants at home

Adding plants is the chicest and most cost-effective way to jazz up a room. Go for indoor plants in your living spaces and outdoor plants near the windows or on the balcony. Plants usually cost Rs.50-120 so it is the perfect solution for decoration and to develop a green thumb.

And that’s it. We hope you like these ideas to decorate your home on a budget. They are foundational changes that can definitely add a bit of character and still make your home stand out. Be sure to try them out!

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