Why Manufacturing Companies Near Pune Prefer a Large Office Space in PCMC

Compact offices are a trend these days. They drive most of the commercial space buying and leasing decisions. But manufacturing companies near Pune think differently. Many prefer operating in large office spaces, mainly located in PCMC. But what drives manufacturing companies in and near Pune towards large commercial spaces in PCMC? Let’s explore a few reasons for this conventional inclination.

5 Reasons Manufacturing Firms Prefer Large Offices in PCMC

Here’s why domestic and global manufacturing companies prefer buying or leasing large commercial office spaces in PCMC near Pune.

  1. No Cluttering and Congestion

    Office Space in Pune

    This one’s a no-brainer. Large and well-planned office spaces, with enough cubicles and sufficiently large cabins, avoid clutter and congestion in the office. Although not directly, a large and comfortable office space that allows convenient movement can boost employee morale and positively contribute to employee engagement.

  2. Keep Up with Market Reputation

    Pune and PCMC’s industrial areas, like Pirangut, Chakan, Bhosari, Pimpri, Talwade, and Talegaon, are home to many global manufacturing enterprises. Some big names include Mercedes Benz, Mahindra, L&T, Lear, Sany, Varroc Engineering Limited, Volkswagen Motorsport India, Tata Motors, Force Motors, Atlas Copco, etc. 

    These companies have a reputation for keeping up with them. Besides, they have extensive administrative teams and verticals that require larger corporate spaces to accommodate comfortably. Thus, compact offices cannot work in their case. The market reputation with which they operate requires them to have adequately spaced office spaces that exhibit their financial muscle and global aura.

  3. Higher Scalability


    Scalability remains a critical concern in the case of many companies that lease or buy compact office spaces in the first place. But an ample office space addresses the concern effectively. A well-designed, adequately sized, and futuristically planned space can help manufacturing companies scale effortlessly and quickly. They can beef up their current team size without many logistical challenges.

  4. Centralization of Enabling Units

    The corporate offices of manufacturing companies usually have enabling units like human resources, training, learning, finance, administration, legal, etc. Amassing all these units in a single or central location simplifies management. It helps reduce costs associated with managing multiple office units and reduce coordination challenges.

  5. Reduced Operational Costs Compared to Pune

    Operational Cost

    Although a bustling business hub with global fame and reputation, PCMC is much more cost-effective than Pune, its nearest counterpart. Thus, leasing or buying a commercial space in PCMC proves more effective for manufacturing companies.

    Besides, PCMC is better connected to nearby industrial areas like Bhosari, Chakan, Talegaon, Talwade, etc. Thus, commuting between the manufacturing plants and the corporate office is much easier and more convenient than that from Pune.

    In addition, one cannot discount the excellent accessibility that the arterial Old Mumbai-Pune Highway offers to connect with the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, Mumbai-Bangalore Highway, and Pune-Nagar Highway via Chakan MIDC. All these factors collaboratively drive the choice of manufacturing companies.

Large and Well-Designed Commercial Offices in PCMC Near Pune at KWT!

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