Know How Modern Commercial Properties are Making Pune a Better Place?

In the 21st century, a city’s progress is primarily identified by the extent of its real estate development. The more developed a city is from the real estate perspective, the more prominent its position on the map and the greater opportunities it attracts!  

Real estate development includes both residential and commercial development. But commercial properties are solid indicators of a city’s progress and help in the overall growth of the city.  

Pune isn’t an exception to this. The city’s commercial skyscrapers continue to play a significant role in its growth and development. They are working as catalysts in making the city a better place by the day. Let’s see how. 

Transforming the City’s Skyline 

Commercial properties in Pune have helped transform the city’s skyline. Pune, which was otherwise confined to its conventional identity, came into the limelight about 20 years ago with the emergence of the IT Industry. And then, there was no looking back!  

Pune grew exponentially to become one of India’s prominent commercial hubs. Many commercial real estate developers identified the city’s potential as a commercial center and built commercial complexes that truly redefined the city’s skyline.  

Today, Pune is no less or different than a western metropolitan with skyscrapers soaring to great heights. It has become one of the fastest-growing cities in India. While attracting real estate developers from various parts of the country, the city also catches the fancy of entrepreneurs worldwide. Everyone wants to venture into the city! 

Attracting Investors and Entrepreneurs 

Pune’s growth as a commercial center and the proliferation of commercial properties across the city have made it a hotbed of opportunities.  

Modern commercial properties in Pune are designed and built to serve the needs of modern investors and entrepreneurs.  

Investors and Entrepreneurs

They provide them with every comfort and competence on par with their counterparts in the already developed (and rather saturated) cities like Mumbai and Delhi.  

More investors and entrepreneurs refer to quicker and more significant economic growth and prosperity. Economic prosperity surely refers to better living conditions! 

Creating More Employment Opportunities 

For a very long time, the manufacturing sector dominated Pune’s employment realm. But commercial properties across each of the city’s frontiers and more investors venturing into the city have helped transform its employment landscape.  

Pune’s citizens now have more employment avenues and opportunities to look at than ever. They have diverse employment choices that can help them pursue their interests. These choices can help them leverage their potential to the fullest and contribute better to the city and the country’s economy in its entirety.  

The entry of people from other territories and states, owing to the abundant employment opportunities, has further helped the city build a cosmopolitan identity and augment its visibility on the global commercial and cultural map. 

Kohinoor World Tower – A Commercial Center Slated to Make Pune a Better Place! 

Some commercial properties aren’t merely structures. Instead, they are landmarks that signify opportunities and fuel the city’s economic growth.  

Kohinoor World Towers (KWT) is an architectural marvel with the potential to transform PCMC and Pune’s skyline, create opportunities and make Pune a better place for its residents and everyone who has invested in the city. 


The project is strategically located in PCMC near Pune. It is thoughtfully positioned for excellent accessibility and carefully designed to meet the needs of every contemporary entrepreneur. KWT has multi-sized office spaces to house enterprises from diverse domains and many world-class amenities, making it a comfortable place for business. 

Call +91 20 6764 1818 to know more or to connect with the project’s sales team. 

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