Kohinoor Group's Technological Evolution: A benchmark for Pune’s Real Estate

Kohinoor Group has always strived for excellence in every endeavour. Considered to be one of the most preferred names in the real estate industry, both for residential and commercial properties in Pune, Kohinoor Group has time and again proven its mettle when it comes to uncompromising on quality and embracing innovations to craft a Sada Sukhi future for its customers. Over 4 decades, the group has carved a rich legacy that comprises an impressive  9 million sq.ft. across 45 projects, with another 10.5 million sq.ft. currently in progress. Under the visionary leadership of Mr. Krishnakumarji Goyal, the Chairman and Managing Director, Kohinoor Group has consistently pushed boundaries, embracing world-class construction practices, global partnerships, and collaborations with industry leaders. It’s no wonder then that Kohinoor Group Pune is looked up to as one of the most inspiring real estate brands. One more aspect that sets Kohinoor Group apart from the rest is its urge to embrace new technologies that will prove significant in the growth of Kohinoor Group Pune, its vendors and channel partners. In this blog, we will take a look at the technological transformation at Kohinoor Group that is all set to set new benchmarks in the real estate industry. Read on. 

Kohinoor Group Leadership - The perfect blend of experience, guidance, dedication and futuristic vision 

Mr. Krishnakumarji Goyal - a visionary and a revered figure in the business sector, has propelled Kohinoor Group Pune to unrivalled heights of success with his astute vision, exemplary leadership skills and humility that has won over a thousand hearts. Inheriting his rich legacy, his two sons Mr. Vinit Goyal and Mr. Rajesh Goyal, the Joint Managing Directors of Kohinoor Group Pune have established their reputation of Kohinoor Group Pune’s new-age leaders, and have seamlessly integrated their futuristic vision into Kohinoor Group Pune’s mantra of Sada Sukhi Raho. 

The Technological Transformation Blueprint:

In a strategic move, Kohinoor Group has entered into partnerships with industry leaders SAP and Salesforce, with Ernst & Young LLP (EY) taking charge of orchestrating this transformative initiative.

Digitalizing Core Business Processes

Digitalization of core business processes is now at the core of every endeavour Kohinoor Group Pune undertakes. This includes the automation and streamlining of critical functions such as project management, sales, marketing, and customer relationship management (CRM). The aim is to bolster efficiency, reduce costs, and nurture a customer-centric approach.

Adoption of Cloud-Based Solutions

The world has moved on to cloud based solutions, and so has Kohinoor Group Pune. Kohinoor Group is embracing cloud-based solutions to achieve enhanced scalability and cost-effectiveness. What this will do for the group is that it will ensure agility and adaptability in a rapidly evolving technological scenario.

A stronger process backed by data

Kohinoor Group Pune is placing a strong emphasis on establishing a robust process. This new process aims at achieving the desired results by nurturing data-backed decision-making, trust, and transparency across all stakeholders, including customers, channel partners, employees, investors, suppliers, and vendors.

“ We are committed to leverage technology for creating a more efficient, customer-centric, and future-ready organisation. Our partnership with EY is instrumental in driving the technology transformation journey and achieving strategic goals.”

Mr. Vineet Goyal 
Joint MD, Kohinoor Group. 

Adding to this objective, Kohinoor Group’s collaboration with SAP and Salesforce will further empower businesses with cutting-edge technology solutions.

How will SAP contribute? 

As a global leader in enterprise software, SAP will play a significant role in Kohinoor Group's technology transformation journey. The adoption of SAP S/4 HANA promises streamlined operations, enhanced decision-making, and a robust foundation for future growth.

Salesforce - an impactful tool that will revolutionise CRM 

By collaborating with Salesforce, a leader in cloud-based CRM solutions, Kohinoor Group will transform the way customer relationships are maintained and business processes are run. This will help Kohinoor Group Pune benefit from agile and customer-centric solutions..

This technological transformation is indeed a monumental leap towards the future where cutting-edge technologies are seamlessly integrated in real estate. 

Kohinoor Group

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