First of Its Kind in Pune: Introducing E-Registration at Kohinoor Group

Kohinoor Group Pune has always strived to be ahead of the times. While its landmark residential and commercial developments have always offered a peek into the future, the way the group has catered to its customers has also reiterated its commitment to innovation, making the home buying experience hassle-free and delightful. If you are looking for flats in Pune, you will be delighted with the latest addition Kohinoor Group Pune has made to its already rich portfolio - E-registration. It must be noted that Kohinoor Group Pune is the first real estate brand in Pune to introduce e-registration for a new flat booking in Pune. In this blog, we will take a look at the benefits of e-registration for new flat booking in Pune. In addition, we will also offer you a glimpse of Kohinoor Group and its 40-year rich legacy. Read on! 

The benefits of e-registration offered by Kohinoor Group Pune

E-registration Kohinoor Group Pune results in time efficiency: What e-registration does is that it negates the need for physically visiting sub-registrar offices for property registration. The entire process can be completed online, saving significant time for both homebuyers and sellers. Considering the fast-paced life and busy schedules, this adds a lot of convenience for home buyers who are going for new flat booking in Pune. 

E-registration by Kohinoor Group Pune means easy transactions: No longer do the seller and the buyer need to be physically present in the same location. Neither do they visit the sub-registrar offices as mentioned earlier. This facility offered by Kohinoor Group Pune makes property transactions more accessible for individuals who may be located in different cities or even countries.

Less paperwork, more convenience: There is usually a lot of paperwork in property transactions. At times we miss out on a few documents, or chances are, they might even get misplaced. In e-registration offered by Kohinoor Group, there is a significant reduction in the number of physical documents needed for new flat booking in Pune. E-registration streamlines the process, minimizes paperwork, and ensures that the relevant documents are securely stored in digital formats.

When it gets digital, there are less chances of being duped: Kohinoor Group Pune has always ensured transparency in its every transaction. E-registration by Kohinoor Group is one more step in this direction. Digitalization brings an added layer of security to property transactions. E-registration includes robust authentication mechanisms, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent activities. The use of secure online platforms and digital signatures adds an extra level of protection. This instills confidence in home buyers and confirms the authenticity of the registered documents.

No discrepancies: As utmost transparency is maintained in digital registrations, there are absolutely no possibilities of discrepancies. Since all the parties involved in the transaction have access to the same set of documents, it ensures transparency and accountability. Moreover, this enhances the trust of the customers, which is beneficial for both - the home buyers and Kohinoor Group Pune. 

E-registration by Kohinoor Group Pune results in faster document verification: When documents are available in digital format, the verification process becomes faster and more efficient. Authorities can quickly access and verify the necessary documents, expediting the overall registration process. This efficiency is particularly advantageous in situations where swift transactions are required.

Cost Savings - one of the major advantages of e-registration: E-registration results in cost savings for both homebuyers and sellers. The elimination of the need for physical travel to government offices, reduced paperwork, and streamlined processes contribute to overall cost efficiency. Additionally, digital processes often involve lower fees compared to traditional registration methods.

E-registration contributes to the betterment of the environment: The reduction in physical documents saves a lot of paper, resulting in a positive contribution towards making our planet a better place to live. 

E-registration - a boon for the differently abled individuals: Kohinoor Group Pune is known to be all-inclusive and has always cared about the needs of the differently abled individuals. E-registration enhances accessibility for differently-abled individuals who may face challenges in navigating physical spaces. The online platform by Kohinoor Group Pune ensures that property registration processes are inclusive and can be easily accessed by individuals with different abilities.


Kohinoor Group

E-registration offered by Kohinoor Group Pune is truly a pathbreaking step in Pune’s real estate industry. If you too are looking for flats in Pune, you must take a look at the latest developments by Kohinoor Group Pune. Awarded as Pune’s fastest growing developer by The Economic Times, Kohinoor Group has transformed Pune with its landmarks that are synonymous to excellence. 

Highlights of Kohinoor Group Pune - 

45+ Completed Projects I 18+ Ongoing Projects I 9 Million+ Sq. Ft. Delivered I 11 Million+ Sq. Ft. in progress I 10K+ Happy Customers

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