Tips for Decorating and Personalizing Ready-to-Move-In Flats in Hinjawadi Phase 3

A well-decorated home not only adds to its aesthetic appeal, it could also create a visual illusion of it being bigger in size and enhance your living experience as well. This blog will prove to be a good read if you are looking for flats in Hinjawadi Phase 3, as this blog contains a few important tricks to decorate flats in Hinjawadi Phase 3 or 2 BHK flats in Hinjawadi in an impressive way. 

Flats in Hinjawadi Phase 3 Can Make Use of Vertical Drapes and Striped Wallpapers


Do you wish to make the living room of flats in Hinjawadi Phase 3 look higher than what they actually are? In this case, vertical drapes and striped wallpapers could prove to be of great use. 

Floor-to-ceiling drapes or striped wallpapers can trick one’s brain by creating an optical illusion of your living room being taller than what it is in reality. In addition, the drapes that reach the floor make the room look cosier.

Think of Using Contrast Curtains for Flats in Hinjawadi Phase 3

Proper utilisation of light helps in enhancing your mood and creates a delightful living experience. Two polar opposite curtains could be of great use in achieving this goal for new flats in Hinjawadi Pune. You could use one set of curtains that allows ample daylight to come in without giving away the interior decor, and the other one that shuts the inflow of light and creates an illusion of an evening or night. 

The benefit of using this certain style for the decor of flats in Hinjawadi Phase 3 is that this allows you to choose between the two styles of lighting as per your need and mood. And for this, you can use a curtain holder that has two rods, so that you can either keep the light shade at the front and maybe the darker shade at the back, and just roll-up whichever curtain you would like to. 

This works better for flats in Hinjawadi Phase 3 that have smaller rooms and lower ceilings. 

Flats in Hinjawadi Phase 3 Need to Plan Their Furniture Cleverly

Interior Design


If you are looking for 2 BHK flats in Hinjawadi, make sure you don’t unnecessarily spend way too much on fancy furniture before taking into consideration the amount of space you are getting with the new flats in Hinjawadi Pune. For instance, you won’t be needing an L-shaped sofa if the living rooms of the flats in Hinjawadi Phase 3 aren’t spacious enough. Not all 2 BHK flats in Hinjawadi, come with a spacious living room, except Kohinoor Coral by Kohinoor Group Pune. If at all you settle for a small living room, you could think of using bean bags or armchairs that take up less space as compared to an L-shaped sofa. If your living room is small, you could always go for curvaceous furniture, as these types of furniture save space. 

The secret to choosing the right furniture for 2 BHK flats in Hinjawadi or flats in Hinjawadi Phase 3 is to balance beauty and convenience, so that the rooms look visually appealing and are not cluttered as well. 

Go the Biophilic Way for Bringing In the Bliss of Nature

Flats in Hinjawadi Phase 3 can make the most of biophilic design by keeping small pots near furniture. You could also dedicate a small section to the plants if you have a large living room, or you could place them in your balcony to create an aesthetic look. 

Use mirrors to make flats in Hinjawadi Phase 3 look bigger than they actually are 

Mirrors not only look aesthetically great when placed smartly, they also create an optical illusion to give you a feeling that the room they are placed in is bigger. You could use mirrors of different styles and shapes to make your room look pleasant and bigger. 

Use Rugs to Make Flats in Hinjawadi Phase 3 Look More Beautiful

The first thing your guests would notice when they enter is your floor. Make sure the floor looks inviting by smart throwing in a rig that is soft, vibrant and doesn’t accumulate dirt too quickly. You could place this rug between your sofa and TV. 

A Coffee Table Could Do Wonders for the Aesthetics of Your Living Room

A coffee table is an absolutely essential element for a living room. It not only serves the purpose of holding on to your coffee mugs and snacks, but it also acts as a smart storage unit to keep your books, remote and smartphones.

Kohinoor Coral

MahaRERA: P52100021279

If you are looking for ready-possession Flats in Hinjawadi Phase 3, take a look at Kohinoor Coral. Kohinoor Coral, a well-planned project of ready-possession 2 BHK flats in Hinjawadi, is adorned with 15+ amenities, and offers you seamless connectivity to Pune’s prime destinations. 

Situated just 1.7 Km from TCS, these flats in Hinjawadi Phase 3 are also enveloped in nature and offer you the perfect work-life balance.

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