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A project layout is highly significant in dictating a project’s form and function. A thoroughly planned project layout is instrumental in elevating the functionality of a project. Elements of grace and smooth operations are only possible because of well-structured project layout which enhance the stature of a project in a wholesome manner. There are several upcoming projects in Pune Hinjewadi but what sets Kohinoor Coral apart from the rest is its well-thought project layout.

Such an attribute adds more value to the project in turn making it the best residential projects in Hinjewadi. Such a project layout elevates the everyday living experience like no other. A well-thought project layout improves the efficiency of a project in turn making it a project of real worth and value. At Kohinoor, each of our projects is a consequence of a robust, fool-proof project layout that acts as a foundation base for great architecture to outshine and flourish.

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