Growth of Commercial Real Estate in Pimpri Chinchwad

Irrespective of the type of property we are talking about, whether residential or commercial, each of the property types requires a certain predetermined location with certain definite features to enhance the value of the property. In the cases of commercial properties as well, there are some locations that are always better suited than the others.

Pune is one of the most encouraging horizons in the country when it comes to the real estate industry. The city’s skyline has always seen several projects coming up in different parts, out of which a considerable number happens to be commercial in their nature.

Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporate is one of the areas in Pune that happens to be rather conducive for such real estate development. It is considered to be a hub for commercial property development in Pune and for a good number of reasons for that matter.

History of Pimpri Chinchwad


History of Pimpri Chinchwad


The area lies in the northwestern city limits of Pune and is considered to be one of the most promising places when it comes to develop real estate properties. Back in the 1950s the area was used as green fields that ran on the sides of the highways that linked the railway routes between Pune and Mumbai.

In the 1960s the area witnessed a huge change and the first touches of industrialization. Large portions of land were acquired to be used for making roads and water supply infrastructure. In no time the place became the hub of commercial development.

Some of the most renowned business brands invested in commercial property in Pimpri Chinchwad and with a lapse of time it soon became the home of reputed corporate brands from industries of pharmaceutical, automotive and mechanical industries. The trend continues till date.

Why Commercial is growing in Pimpri Chinchwad


commercial real estate in PCMC

Pimpri Chinchwad has continued with its legacy of commercial growth and development. The area is still considered to be one of the commercial hubs of Pune city and is the house of several corporate offices. What earlier was the center of corporate offices of several manufacturing brands is fast getting crowded with some of the top IT companies/brands of the nation.

Hence the demand for commercial property in PCMC is still on a high even in the current times. This is a trend that has been well fathomed by the real estate developers of the city. This is evident from the large number of projects that are coming up in the area even in the current times.

The commercial properties and projects that are being developed belong to different categories and scales. In this context, it can be said that these properties will include the framework of different commercial structures like shops, commercial warehouses, showrooms, etc.

Why is Pimpri Chinchwad the best option to Invest in?


PCMC Bhavan


Pimpri Chinchwad offers several benefits to the real estate developers and the investors who are planning to invest in commercial properties in the region. The very first one happens to be its connectivity with the rest of the city of Pune.

It is situated on the highway that connects Pune and Mumbai. This is one of the most integral reasons that attract sp many real estate developers as well as commercial brands. The highway connectivity not only ensures proper movement for people but also large consignments of cargo in the area. Naturally, the place enjoys a huge advantage in this context.

Hub of the General Population

The region is highly inhabited by civil dwellers. The surrounding region has a high index of residential of complexes where people live with their families. The area naturally has a high quotient of other civil facilities and amenities like shopping malls and complexes, local markets, schools, colleges, other education institutions, healthcare organizations, offices, commercial setups, etc.

All of this ensures that the region happens to be one of the most highly populated areas of Pune. Naturally, the corporate and the commercial offices that have been setup in the region has a good potential for employee flow to the offices. This is one of the main reasons why commercial brands are eager to open their branches in this area.

There is no dearth of employees and professionals coming in. The commercial office space for sale in Pimpri Chinchwad is a good enough indication that it is one of the most promising hubs when it comes to the development of commercial properties are concerned.


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Introducing Kohinoor World Towers



In the light of the above discussion, the reference of Kohinoor World Towers is imperative. This is one of the premium commercial properties in Pune Pimpri Chinchwad area that offers plush and spacious settings for various types of commercial setups.

The Kohinoor World Towers is a magnum opus gift from the Kohinoor Group which like its residential properties have designed and implemented super quality commercial spaces meant for some of the biggest brands of the country.

Strategically Placed Property

One of the biggest advantages of this property is its strategic position on the strength of the location as a whole. Further, the immediate neighbourhood has a vast number of premium brands that can offer extra attraction for the people visiting the place solely due to commercial and professional reasons.

As a prospectus area of investment in the domain of commercial properties PCMC is sure to remain a hot favourite in the coming times as well. This guarantees the ROI of the properties developed in the region presently.


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