Embrace Organic Elements in Residential Design in Flats near Kharadi

If you have been looking for flats near Kharadi, you might have gone through a number of websites that list real estate projects from Pune. Somewhere on one of the websites, an ad must have popped-up, promoting XYZ homes with serene surroundings and mesmerising views. Yes, we often come across residential projects that promise scenic views, and use their scenic environs to promote their homes. But quite often these homes are away from the city, at a distance of about an hour or so even from the far away suburbs. But what if we tell you you could enjoy the privilege of an Urban Forest, and that too right in the heart of Kharadi? Homebuyers looking for the best residential project in New Kharadi Pune were in for a pleasant shock when they discovered that Kohinoor Kaleido - a development of premium 2 & 3 homes in New Kharadi offers its residents the privilege of living amidst an Urban Forest. Kohinoor Kaleido, unlike other flats near Kharadi, not only offers scenic views, it also integrates nature into the lifestyle of its residents. And this is not it! Kohinoor Kaleido also offers its residents a unique way of life, as its every feature is inspired by an element of nature. Unbelievable, isn’t it? In this blog, we will discover how Kohinoor Kaleido leverages the 5 elements of nature to craft a lifestyle that is nothing like the rest of the flats near Kharadi offer.

Flats near Kharadi with features based on Earth 

Isn’t it delightful to live in an environment where vast green expanses greet you with scenic views? Every feature here places you close to nature and offers your children a similar environment we all grew up in. 

These flats for sale near Kharadi Pune  have - 

Garden I Canopy trees I Groves 

Water  - an inspiring element for these flats near Kharadi 

Water instils an amazing and soothing feeling of calmness. At Kohinoor Kaleido - water forms an essential element, not only as an amenity, but also as an efficient tool to conserve nature. 

These flats for sale near Kharadi Pune  have - 

Eco pond I Water management I Swimming pool 

Flats near Kharadi with features based on Fire 

Sunlit homes I Solar water heating 

A few features at Kohinoor Kaleido are inspired by Wind 

These flats near Kharadi  have - 

Cross ventilation I Wide open spaces I Unadulterated air 

Space  - an inspiring element for these flats near Kharadi 

These flats near Kharadi  have - 

Party lawn I Sports amenities 

To know more about the features of Kohinoor Kaleido - the best residential project in New Kharadi Pune, visit - https://kaleido.kohinoorpune.com/ 


Here’s what homebuyers have to say about Kohinoor Kaleido - flats near Kharadi 

Himanshu Pal 


Recently I booked a flat with them, I have found the team very helpful specially Shreya. They were very good in clarifying all the doubts over zoom calls. So far our experience is very good. Thanks for making our first home buying awesome.

Narendra Chetry 


Affordable homes launched for mid section. Good lay out on demand flats

Aditya Sharma 


- Good builder with an awesome track record.
- Amenities and floor plans are also good.
- Fittings and build quality are also good.
- Good development potential of the overall area.
- Not much far from Kharadi IT establishments.
- Peaceful and less crowded area.

- Tejas Thakur 


Had a very delightful experience at the Kohinoor Kaleido experience center. The staff was very friendly and the ambience was great.

Kohinoor Kaleido - the best residential projects in New Kharadi Pune will also amaze you with the world-class lifestyle it offers. These flats near Kharadi take pride in their 20+ amenities, thoughtfully spread over 4 opulent zones, offering you the privilege of indulging in a top-notch experience after a busy day at work. 

What makes Kohinoor Kaleido even more alluring is that these flats near Kharadi are strategically situated in proximity to IT parks, so that you spend less time commuting, and more time with your loved ones. In addition, these flats near Kharadi are also close to renowned educational institutes, best healthcare, malls and multiplexes. 

Kohinoor KaleidoMahaRERA: P52100046027

If you wish to schedule a visit to Kohinoor Kaleido - the best residential project in New Kharadi Pune

Call: 020 6764 1870

E-mail: sales@kohinoorpune.com

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