The Role of Biophilic Design in Real Estate | Connecting People with Nature

If you are looking for properties near Wakad and if you have done enough research on the housing trends, you might be aware of the fact that 2 BHK flats for sale near Wakad Pune or 3 BHK flats near Wakad Pune with a biophilic design are witnessing high demand. Well, if you are not aware, let us first start with introducing you to this trending style of design. A biophilic design combines the indoor and outdoor experience. Properties near Wakad are now leaning towards a biophilic design as it connects humans with nature. In a biophilic design, it is not just about using pleasing colour palettes and a few plants in the balcony. Properties near Wakad need to pursue the bigger picture and make its residents feel amidst nature. Kohinoor Westview Reserve, a development of 2 BHK flats for sale near Wakad Pune has seamlessly integrated nature into the lifestyle of its residents and is known for its biophilic design. 

Here’s a quick glance at the benefits properties near Wakad could offer with biophilic design: 

- Reduced stress levels
- Increased productivity
- Reduced pollution and cleaner air
- Lower noise levels
- Environment that inspires creativity

The Biggest Advantage Properties Near Wakad could offer a Biophilic Design 

Research has shown that sensory contact with natural features results in reduced stress, mental well-being and increased productivity. As rightly said by Frank Lloyd Wright - “Study nature, love nature, stay close to nature. It will never fail you.” 

If you are wondering how the goal of a biophilic design is achieved, the rest of this blog will offer you a few valuable tips, which you could use for 2 BHK flats for sale near Wakad Pune or  3 BHK flats near Wakad Pune. 

The First Step for Properties Near Wakad would be to incorporate Biophilic Design through paint and artwork 

Yes, just incorporating the colour green in the interiors won’t make for a complete biophilic design. But we can’t deny the sense of calmness the colour green brings to the table. Maybe, 2 BHK flats for sale near Wakad Pune could start with colouring a corner of their homes in green, complemented with beautiful green-coloured artefacts on one or two walls.

3 BHK flats near Wakad Pune with a living wall. Sounds interesting? 

Properties near Wakad might sooner or later surprise you with an unheard concept - a living wall. Wondering what a living wall might be in a 2 BHK flat for sale near Wakad Pune with a biophilic design? If you ever come across a living wall in a 2 BHK flat near Wakad Pune, it is nothing but a wall or walls covered with living plants. Properties near Wakad could also think of innovative ideas such as backlitting this wall, etc. 

Properties near Wakad should make use of more natural materials 

There’s no better medium to connect with nature than nature itself. Imagine a few pieces of unique stones as a part of your interiors that add up to the decor. If you are looking for 2 BHK flats for sale near Wakad Pune, you could also think of buying furniture made from natural materials and designing your decor in such a way that it reflects your natural habitat. 

Meditation Zones, an important part of Biophilic Design 

Properties near Wakad nowadays make it a point to add a meditation zone to the list of their amenities. In a biophilic design, a meditation zone is considered to be of high importance as it offers the residents a similar feeling to being amidst nature would offer. 

What are the key principles of biophilic design, the properties near Wakad must take into account?

Here are the 5 Key Principles of Biophilic Design - 

1. Natural environment: Biophilic design creates a natural environment indoors by incorporating elements of nature into it. It could be as simple as using earthy colours, making space for ample sunlight to offer maximum daylight and create a fresh feel, neatly planned space for potted plants, and even posters of animals, birds and nature.

2. Natural shapes: The aim of biophilic design is to replicate nature as much as possible. 3 BHK flats for sale near Wakad could make use of natural shapes or natural lines that are found in nature. To give a few examples - recreate rock shelves, create water paths, etc. 

3. Natural patterns: There is a very thin line between natural shapes and natural patterns. To give a few examples, 2 BHK flats for sale near Wakad Pune could create patterns that show erosion of rocks over time, the growth journey of plants, etc. 

4. Natural light: Design your home in such a way that you would have ample daylight, and you would have to rely less on artificial lighting. 

5. Plants: Inarguably, the most important part of biophilic design. Don’t just keep potted plants for the sake of it. Properties near Wakad could go a step further and actually make space for a terrace garden where organic farming on a small scale could be carried out. 

Westview Reserve wakad

If you are looking for properties near Wakad with a biophilic design, take a look at Kohinoor Westview Reserve. Best known as Pune’s first Naturements, this development of premium 2 BHK flats for sale near Wakad Pune will amaze you with the way it seamlessly integrates nature into the lifestyle of its residents and offers a world-class lifestyle as well.

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