Hinjewadi: India's fastest growing real estate & IT hub

How Hinjewadi has changed in the past Two decades

Hinjewadi’s upsurge began in the year 1998 when the foundation of the IT zone was laid down. Maharashtra government's IT/ITes policy in early 2000 strengthened the base of information technology in the city. As a result, the 2800 acres of the Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park, also known as Hinjewadi IT Park, came into existence. With the rapid growth in hands, Hinjewadi soon became an investment hotbed.


There’s no better place to live and work in Pune than Hinjewadi. Here you’ll find three things which make it a prominent address -

  • Robust Commercial, Social and Civic Infrastructure
  • Great Connectivity and Convenience
  • And plenty of Space to view rest or explore


To give you a better understanding let’s have a look into the major milestones in Hinjewadi’s history.

  • 2002: The construction of the Mumbai-Pune Express Highway offers excellent connectivity to the area.
  • 2003: With the development of the Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park & Biotechnology Park, Hinjewadi Phase III is brought to light as one of the country’s top industrial & IT hubs.
  • 2016: Hinjewadi is selected to be the proposed location for the development of smart cities by the PCMC and the Government of India.
  • 2016: PMRDA approves Hinjewadi-Shivaji Nagar Metro (23.33km, 23stations & cost of Rs. 7947 Crores) line.


Hinjewadi has developed beyond everybody’s imagination. It boasts of several educational institutes along with numerous global IT companies, business centres, hospitals, hotels, shopping destinations and a lot more conveniences, which has profoundly uplifted lifestyle at Hinjewadi. On one hand, localities like the airport, railway station, Kharadi, Hadapsar, Viman Nagar, and Magarpatta City are just an hour away. On the other hand, key destinations of the city such as Baner, Aundh, Balewadi, Pimpri-Chinchwad are also around the corner.

In this blog we are discussing, is Hinjewadi a good investment? Which are the best schools in Hinjewadi, Which are the best companies for jobs in Hinjewadi, How is connectivity in Hinjewadi? Whether there are good places or not for active living in Hinjewadi? What is the lifestyle in Hinjewadi? and a lot more. So brace yourself because this is going to be a long knowledgeable ride.

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Lifestyle at Hinjewadi

Education, entertainment, nature, sports facilities, healthcare, public services are some pivotal aspects around which a life blooms and blossoms. And Hinjewadi has earned all its points by touching all the essential needs of livelihood. Here’s a list of amenities which has uplifted lifestyle in Hinjewadi in every way possible:


  • Shopping and Business Centres

Lifestyle is a way of living by once choice. Our advancements have made life more comfortable and to offer the taste of everything, lifestyle in Hinjewadi is laden with all modern civic amenities with hugely famous Xion Mall and Laxmi Complex. A few popular business parks have also made international headlines like Regus – Tech Center and Aditya Infotech Park.


shopping and Business Centres


  • Social  Hubs

Having places like Baner, Balewadi nearby along with pubs and many other places to hang out in Hinjewadi, you can have a grand time socialising and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones. You next hangout place can be Bar Stock Exchange or Slounge.


Socia hubs



Everyone can have a fantastic lifestyle in Hinjewadi as they choose. It has developed to great lengths and will keep growing as time goes by. But something that won’t change is the value for money Hinjewadi offers.

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Active Living in Hinjewadi 

Living an active life is an important part of overall development in today’s times. Apart from growing fitter, developing an appetite for a daily fitness schedule helps to build confidence. And while you may be wondering about the avenues for fitness in and around Hinjewadi It has some great options to help you achieve the perfect mind-body-soul balance.

  • Gymnasiums in Hinjewadi

Among the most preferred fitness destinations, Hinjewadi possibly ranks the highest. Either in the early morning or after routine jobs, most people enjoy a good work-out session while also networking with other people from the same area. Some popular gyms here include Gold Gym and Planet Health Centre.


Gymnasiums in Hinjewadi


  • Sports Facilities in Hinjewadi

Sports tend to build stamina, teamwork, agility, and overall fitness. While cricket is undoubtedly the most popular sport in India, IT professionals living in residential complexes like Tinsel Town in Hinjewadi, Pune enjoy a wider variety. For cricket and other popular sports, the area offers huge spaces and indoor gaming facilities like Playscapes and Reboot Sports Arena.


Sport Facilities


  • Yoga and Meditation Centres in Hinjewadi

For being holistically active it’s important to have a relaxed mind along with a fit body. Yoga and meditation helps in de-stressing from the rigors of daily life. IT professionals tend to work at odd hours to collaborate with western clients. To offset the ill-effects of odd working hours, composure can work wonders. So relax at home or choose from a long list of yoga and meditation centres. A few good ones would include ‘Art of Living Yoga and Meditation’ or ‘Sampoorna Wellness’.


  • Dance Classes in Hinjewadi

Dancing can be an effective fitness tool besides being a lot of fun. With new-age Bollywood dances, Zumba, Salsa, Tango, etc. people are not just dancing they are also shredding those extra kilos. Many dance and fitness therapy centres also provide aerobics training sessions which are perfect for fitness, focus and stamina building. My Style Dance Studio or D-Max Dance Studio can be your next dance floor to showcase your amazing moves.


  • Nature Trails and Trekking around Hinjewadi

Sitting in air-conditioned offices through the day can get pretty boring. It’s a great idea to explore the abundance of green hills around Hinjewadi, Pune. While you may choose to go with a professional trekking organiser, some locations like Bhoirwadi Trek or Panchwati Hill are equally amazing if explored solo or with a partner.

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Education in Hinjewadi 

A school is the foremost fountain of knowledge children are exposed to. It teaches them about the world around them and acts as a building block necessary to gain knowledge in various academic fields as well as acquire social and physical growth that will prepare them for the future. With famous educational institutions to choose from, Hinjewadi will leave you spoilt for choices that can assure your child’s better tomorrow. Here is a list of few educational institutes based on boards and educational levels:


Education in Hinjewadi
  • Pre-schools and play schools

Learning with fun is the most essential part of early life in children going to pre/play schools. For recently married working professionals, first-time parents, or a parent of newborn finding the right pre/play-school is important and Hinjewadi is blessed with famous pre/play schools such as ‘Kidzee’, ‘Euro kids Pre-School & Day Care’ and many more.


  • ICSE/CBSE schools in Hinjewadi, Pune

In the later stages of the life of a child, their parent is torn between the decision of ICSE and CBSE to choose from to offer their kids with the best curriculum that motivates their children and also intrigues interest in mind. But no matter which board you choose, Hinjewadi occupies some of the best schools in the country like ‘Blue Ridge Public School’, ‘Edify International School’ etc.


  • IB schools in Hinjewadi, Pune

IB schools provide students with a global perspective that makes them worldly-wise because of the exposure they receive.To ensure that your child gets the best education, the following schools can be the perfect study destinations:

  • Mercedes Benz Education Academy
  • Symbiosis Institute of International Business

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Jobs in Hinjewadi

Rajiv Gandhi Infotech Park was built in Hinjewadi by Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC) at an approximate cost of Rs. 155 Crores to instill a stable environment and provide plenty of employment opportunities under the implementation of Special Economic Zones (SEZs).


job in hinjewadi


  • Leading IT firms

Hinjewadi is a major IT hub as most major global software companies have opened their corporate offices here like Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, etc. The presence of these MNCs has given a major boost to the entire area – in terms of employment, real estate, connectivity, and even social infrastructure and facilities.


Job opportunities in various sectors

Although it seems like a major chunk of job opportunities are in IT companies in Hinjewadi that is far from the truth. There is a decent base for manufacturing and biotechnology companies in Hinjewadi as well. Plus, due to the growing population base, there are many hotels, international schools, shopping complexes, hospitals, and real estate developments also, making a real estate investment in Hinjewadi a worthy investment for years to come.

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Connectivity in Hinjewadi

Proximity to the Pune-Mumbai Expressway and Mumbai-Bangalore Highway is an advantage in Hinjewadi’s favour. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee of an organisation, you need to get to your office on time. Not just that, but here are a few other reasons as to why Hinjewadi is one of the best possible location choices you can make to have a home.

  • Connection via Pune Metro
  • The Rise of App-Based Transport
  • Connected to Weekday and Weekend Needs
  • Easy Access to Multiple Locations


Connectivity in Hinjewadi


Besides, Hinjewadi is a well-developed suburb, which holds an upper hand over most of the top residential areas of Pune. If you are genuinely interested in investing in a 2 or 3 BHK flats in Hinjewadi, then you should check out Tinsel Town, Tinsel County, Coral & Sapphire-2 by the renowned Kohinoor Group.

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Still searching for reasons to invest in Hinjewadi? Here are 7 Reasons To Invest In Hinjewadi and to convince you why Hinjewadi has become ‘The land of opportunities’.


  1. Generation of more employment opportunities

The IT Park at Hinjewadi is a source of employment for thousands of people. This hub of Pune has attracted software giants such as KPIT, Wipro, TCS, Infosys, IBM Global, and Cognizant. Other software companies are also following the lead and are planning to start operations in this location soon. Numerous walk to work projects has emerged in this sector to reduce dependency on traffic.




  1. The rise in rental income

Among the cities that have shown a significant increase in demand for office as well as residential properties Hinjewadi is one of them. The continuous rise in demand for commercial properties has also led to a rise in the rental value of such spaces. For people who are new to this part of town, Hinjewadi has managed to capture the attention of many individuals. Various factors such as the locational advantage and easy connectivity to the major parts of the city may have been responsible factors for this rising popularity in ‘Flat on rent in Hinjewadi’.



  1. Bridging between investors and home buyers

Life does not revolve around the concept of mere existence. It is all about living life to the fullest. A spacious home, comfortable life, high living standards and luxury in realms is in common man’s reach and in true words, this is made possible by Kohinoor Group in Hinjewadi. A few of the famous properties of the neighbourhood include:

  • Tinsel Town

The Kohinoor Tinsel Town has created quite a stir in the neighbourhood. It is built with an objective in mind; to reduce your commute time to a significant extent and to provide you with an elevated lifestyle. These bright flats in Hinjewadi Are located at the centre and serve the holistic purpose of conveyance and convenience.

  • Tinsel County

Enjoy your life at ease. The convenient distance from some of the prominent establishments in Hinjewadi makes Tinsel County one of the best places to live if you are working in this part of the city.

  • Coral

Avail the latest comfort by purchasing homes that suit your preference at Kohinoor Coral . If you want to experience a world of style, then buy these spacious apartments in a serene environmental setting. Not only will you feel safe, but you will have access to all amenities.


Bridging between investors and home buyers


  1. The preferred location for newcomers

Since the last two or three years, there has been a spike in demand for commercial and residential properties in Hinjewadi. In fact, one of the fastest growing areas of this area offers a vast array of commercial office sites. They are opposite to restaurants, shopping malls, and theatres. The tactful locations offer an ideal scope for your enterprise to prosper.


preferred locations


  1. Better connectivity

The approval of the Pune Metropolitan Regional Development Authority for establishing a link with Hinjewadi and Shivaji Nagar through twenty-three stations has been obtained. This line faces a lot of traffic congestion and so once this extension is implemented it will ensure a smoother flow of traffic.


better connectivity


  1. Scope for better quality community living

What is an individual’s basic need? A place to live, decent place to work, fun places to eat and hang out, feel safe, and in case of emergency have someone to look out for; These might not be everything, but these are the basic needs you can easily find in Hinjewadi with some of the best real estate properties, business parks, restaurants & pubs, medical facilities, educational institutes, and active public security.


  1. Picturesque Real Estate at Hinjewadi

Hinjewadi offers several investment opportunities by way of premium and mid-range housing projects. Premium integrated townships have come up in Hinjewadi and have witnessed skyrocketing commercial development. Hinjewadi has projects by several reputed real estate developers, who are erecting countless projects in Hinjewadi by each passing day.

Homebuyer Amit Gupta says that “I chose Hinjewadi, owing to the presence of excellent schools, hotels, medical facilities and the fact that I’ll be able to live closer to my office. Hinjewadi has projects across various price points and configurations, giving ample choice to the buyers,” he concludes.


community living


As for the future - here’s two things that are highly awaited in the pipeline for Hinjewadi:

Hinjewadi is the hub in Pune’s focus for the new Special Township Policy Act that makes it the address for India’s new era of smart mega townships. Plus, Pune Metropolitan Region Development Authority (PMRDA) has also suggested a metro route between Hinjewadi and Shivaji Nagar making Hinjewadi a new growth hub of the region.

A decision to invest in this land of opportunity would justify itself. If you ask us- is it worth investing in Hinjewadi? unequivocally our answer is yes! We have provided you with all the information about the area to help you choose better and decide wisely. We hope your decision would be rock solid like the foundation of Kohinoor group and all its housing projects in and around Pune.