Want to Buy A New House in Pune After the Pandemic? – 5 Steps to Find Your Home during Lockdown

Are you looking out to buy a new home after the pandemic? No one knows for how long the pandemic will continue and when things would return to normal! So, do not wait for things to fall in place. Of course, you wouldn’t buy a home at the drop of a hat. But you can start preparing for it during the lockdown. It will help you be ready with everything you need to buy a home after the pandemic and expedite the home buying process.

However, what is it that you can do during the lockdown to buy a new home after the pandemic? Here’s the answer that talks about five things every potential home buyer can do to be able to buy a home after COVID-19.

5 Steps you can take During the Lockdown and Buy a New Home in Pune After the Pandemic

1. Assess Your Home Needs and Financial Position


Home financing options in India

One of the first and the most crucial steps in home buying is to determine what you want to buy based on your present and future needs. Whether you need a 3 BHK or a 2 BHK would suffice. Additionally, consider various locations throughout the city, the apartment rates across each of them, and then shortlist a few.

However, while shortlisting, ensure that you also assess your financial position. Evaluating your financial position involves checking the resources you have, your current income, the approximate loan you might get based on your age, expenses, assets, financial standing, and salary.

Plan your purchase accordingly. Planning it on these grounds will help you funnel your search, and you will be able to finalize a well-suited property in less time.

2. Search for Properties Online


Buy a home-commercial property without broker


Right now, stepping out of the home isn’t possible. So, an in-person search for property is out of the question. But now that you have technology at your disposal, why not leverage it to search properties online?

With the previous step in place, you already know what you want and how much your approximate budget is. Accordingly, start looking for properties online in the areas within your reach and, based on your commuting convenience, and shortlist them.

3. Take a Virtual Tour Wherever Possible


Take a virtual tour

Now that you’ve shortlisted properties, you would want to visit them in person and review them. But, as that isn’t possible for the moment, look out for properties that offer you a virtual tour of the apartment you’ve shortlisted.

A virtual tour allows you to take a 3D view of the property, each of the rooms of the apartment, and the surrounding view. So, while in the balcony section, you will know how it will feel while standing on the balcony and sipping coffee!

4. Review Property Offers


How can NRIs buy home - property in India

Yes, now you come to a critical part. Remember, buying a home is equivalent to a mission, where you must aim to derive the best value for the money you invest. However, at the same time, you must also ensure you strike a beneficial deal and take advantage of the various attractive offers available on properties in Pune.

So, invest some time in this exercise and take some effort to compare various properties, as you are buying a home in the long-term and going to invest a considerable amount of your life savings in it. Get into an extensive dialogue with the construction company, and while discussing the cost and the financial part, ensure that you get the best of the deal and get the most lucrative offers to your benefit.

5. Prepare to Apply for a Home Loan


Home loan application process

Once you know what you want, and precisely, what you intend to buy in the first place, you can start preparing your home loan file. Connect with a bank, or talk to a home loan agent to help you with the documentation, application, and processing part of the loan.

Working on the documentation aspects includes gathering and submitting documents as asked by the bank, including account statements, KYC, etc., in the initial and at various stages.

Remember, depending on your case and the situation around, the loan process might take time. So, do everything required to apply for a home loan as early as possible, and keep in touch with the concerned authorities to know about the progress of your application.


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