What Is The Best Way To Find Apartments Without Involving Brokers?

Whether you rent or buy a house anywhere in the world, doing it through the brokers and agents, cost a huge amount of money. Real estate brokers usually demand a month's rent or a certain percentage of the house value as a payout for introducing you to a homeowner. And this payout falls as a burden on the consumer' head.

That's why everybody tries to avoid them and searches different ways to fight the question- how to find homes without brokers?

In this blog, we will tell you how you can find your dream home without getting in touch with any brokers or real estate agents. Don't worry! We won't tell you to ask your relatives.

As a real estate company, we have real insights on how people got their home without even visiting one real estate broker. So here it goes…

1. Facebook Groups


Facebook Group

Image Source: Whizsky Website

If you have observed closely, then you might know that Facebook groups dedicated to broker-free flats and home rentals have mushroomed over the past couple of years. FB groups like Flat & Flatmates and Home Buying Simplified have seen fantastic growth over the last five years.

And all you have to do is log in to Facebook. Find relevant groups according to your city and join them. Scroll through the feed to find the best suitable apartment or house for yourself and start chatting with the individuals.

These social groups come with no agenda other than helping members skip brokerage fees by cutting out the middle-men.

2. Real Estate Aggregators


find a home without involving broker


Image Source: e-architect website

Olx, makaan.com, housing.com, 99 acres.com are quite common in the large pool of online real estate aggregators. But the problem with these is- they have become too crowded, and brokers have penetrated most of these platforms with fake ads. So what's the option?

New Startups! Quite a lot of funding has flown into new real estate startups dedicated to providing broker-free services. Some of these startups have innovative crowd-sourcing techniques and monetisation models that are more reasonably priced than having a broker as a middle man. Take a look at the names…

  1. Nobroker.in
  2. Grabhouse
  3. Nestaway
  4. Zolo Stays
  5. Zocalo
  6. Flatchat
  7. Homers
  8. Zenify, etc.

These platforms will help you find your dream home without the brokers' commissions. You can search on these websites as per your needs and desire. If you are not satisfied with the results of one website, then you can always check the other ones (No questions asked).

Do it with your ease and comfort and do it extensively because it is entirely free.


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3. Ask Locals

Ask local people

Image Source: Healthwatchenfield Website

Never underestimate the power of a common man. And it's true in this context. Neighbours know best about the surrounding areas. Get in touch with your friends' friend or distant cousins to know about the regions.

You can also pay a visit to areas which are close to your office location, ask shopkeepers, Reddiwalas and Tapriwalas to get a good hang of the site.

Don't struggle with the question- how to find house without broker? Try to get innovative with the approach. Ask whosoever you can (Relevant ones) because ultimately you are going to save a lot of money from these small practices.

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At The Bottom

Always remember that you don't need a real estate agent or broker while purchasing or renting a home if you are ready to work and research a little harder.

Most of the real estate brokers try to create artificial scarcity to make you rush into home buying or home renting decisions; while purchasing a home is one of the most significant financial decisions you'll make in your life.

Even when you rent a home, months, if not years, will be spent at the place. So don't let anyone coax you into making a choice where you aren't 100% confident.

Spend time and efforts wisely, make the best use of the internet, make new contacts, ask locals, derive as much information as you can from the homeowners, visit construction sites and real estate developers, and wallah! You have your dream home.

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