Know the Benefits of Living in a Sport-Centric Home

You may have heard of homes with amenities. Homes with space. Homes with greenery all around. But have you heard of homes with sports facilities? Welcome to Sportsville by Kohinoor. Spread over a large well-defined land parcel, the project is primarily focused on sports. However, the thoughtful planning right from the start has ensured that even the smallest of details give your premium and more well-rounded lifestyle than anywhere else.

But why focus on homes with sports amenities specifically? This is definitely a unique project because not many other residences focus on this aspect, and there is a good reason why. There are multiple health, wellness, and lifestyle benefits to living in sports-centric homes. Let’s take a look at them in detail

1. Keeping Up With Modern Lifestyle

 Sportsville By Kohinoor Amenities 

We live in a modern, fast-paced busy world. Sparing time to go to the gym or thinking about what workout to do, is time we just don’t have. This is why having a home with sports facilities is beneficial. You don’t have to spend time traveling or choosing from limited home-workout options. Everything you need is right at home. Yoga. swimming, badminton, gymming- the options are endless, so just pick up what your heart desires immediately and without any commuting delay.

2. Save Up on Gymkhana or Class Costs

Kohinoor Sportsville Amenities 

In today’s day if you want to play squash or tennis or basketball, then you probably have to sign up for a sports class or a gymkhana. These added costs pile up and are a significant investment. But why spend extra when your home itself can have all the amenities right in your residence and you save up on these costs? Having top-notch sports amenities is truly a privilege and with Sportsville this privilege will be at your doorstep.

3. Get More Options!

Amenities at Kohinoor Sportsville 

With sports-centric homes, you get so many options! From a shooting range to a tennis court to Futsal to Badminton to Cricket Nets, the options are endless. If you are someone who hates sticking to only one type of physical activity then a sports-centric home is for you. Explore a new activity every day and never get bored. This will ensure that you get some physical exercise every day and also have fun while doing it. What is not to like?

4. Wellness and Health

Screenshot 2021-10-26 at 5.43.47 PM 

Health is a valued currency these days. With stressful lifestyles amping up we have to be doubly sure to nurture our health and fitness daily. But this is not possible with regular homes that are not built around health benefits and wellness benefits.

At Sportsville by Kohinoor project, your health is at the forefront, which means not just the Sports facilities, but every design and every amenity is made keeping in mind your physical and mental wellbeing. Be it the Trees Plaza, the Pets Play Zone, the Jogger’s track, or the Gym with a steam and sauna. The project will ensure that you are your best self 24x7x365.

And that is it. These are some of the reasons why a home with sports facilities is essential. Sportsville by Kohinoor is one of the new housing projects in Hinjewadi Pune that will ensure that you are your best self every day of the year. The health of you and your family was your utmost priority, now it's ours too.

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