Sportsville by Kohinoor - a Luxury Apartment With a Sports-centric Approach

It is a known fact by now that Pune is one of the most lucrative avenues when it comes to real estate properties. The city has been the landscape for so many new real estate projects that have been commenced in different parts of the city by some of the top builders of the nation. Several factors contribute to this real estate boom in Pune like the massive development of the city, the buying power in the hands of the people of the city, its natural landscape, near proximity from Mumbai, etc. Quintessentially Pune is a city that has seen the emergence of some of the biggest real estate developers in the country.

Kohinoor – One of the Best Developers in Pune

Kohinoor Group Pune Logo 

The Kohinoor Group is one such real estate developer in Pune. The Group began its operations 37 years back in 1983 under the leadership of Mr. Krishna Kumar Goyal, as a mere cement trading company. Real estate development and the business of construction were begun in 1989. Since then the Kohinoor Group has emerged as one of the premier construction groups in Pune which has delivered more than 30 projects and 4 million sq feet across Pune.

Kohinoor has delivered some of the best residential real estate projects in different parts of the city. All its previous projects are a brilliant example that illustrates the quality and planning the group has to offer its patrons.

Importance of Physical Activity in Recent Times

Physical Fitness 

In the current times when the world is ravaged by the virulence of COVID-19, the importance of physical fitness has attained a new significance. Doctors are of the opinion that one of the best ways to fight against Corona is to develop your own body immunity. In this context physical activity, fitness, working out patterns is being analyzed from a new perspective.

People who are working from home are looking at fitness regimes as a new way of balancing their work-life stress. Naturally, people are trying to indulge in some form of physical fitness activities to keep fit and stay rejuvenated mentally.

Residential Complexes With Sports Amenities

Lifestyle In Kohinoor Sportsville Maan 

However owing to the consecutive waves of the pandemic frequenting public places like gyms, parks, and community swimming pools is not an option for many. So the question now arises, where can a person go to have a proper workout regime on a daily basis. This is where the Sports-Centric homes in Pune are claiming the limelight.

These homes are residential complexes within built sports amenities with the residential complexes. Enough space and ample infrastructure are provided to the owners of properties in these complexes so that they can indulge in an active and healthy life on a daily basis. It is a simple, smart, and effective solution for all sports lovers and health-conscious people.

Sportsville by Kohinoor

kohinoor sportsville hinjewadi 

The Sportsville by Kohinoor is one such property option in Hinjewadi, developed to cater to the requirements of buyers who wish to have an active and healthy lifestyle. It is one of the premium properties in Pune that has been designed to provide a bouquet of facilities and amenities to buyers and investors. It is one of the most popular projects in the Hinjewadi region in Pune, attracting a big mass of buyers from different economic brackets. To understand this better we must take a look at the facilities provided by the project. 

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IT Hub

Hinjewadi IT Park Pune 

The nearby proximity of the IT hub from the project of Sportsville by the Kohinoor Group is one of its biggest strengths. The several IT companies and corporate establishments that have come up across the region is one of the biggest reasons which have fostered the development of so many new projects in Hinjewadi phase 1.

Sportsville is one of the most premium properties in this category. Property owners in this complex are working in one of the IT companies that can easily maintain a rather favorable work-life balance.


Maan-Hinjewadi  Connectivity 

The region of Hinjewadi happens to be rather well connected with the other parts of the city. The area has a great network of roads and highways that connect the place with other important locations in Pune. Property owners in Hinjewadi get much benefit out of this particular feature. Even the network of public transport is rather vigorous in this region.

Sports Centric

Kohinoor Sportsville Amenities 

Now if you are a fitness enthusiast and is looking for a sports and physical activity-centric residential real estate project then Sportsville is one of the best luxury projects in Hinjewadi region. The complex has several options of physical activities like a gym, swimming pool, skating rink, meditation pod, and basketball court, cricket practicing area, kid’s playground, jogger’s park, multi-activity space, badminton court and so much more.

The place offers you a plethora of physical activity options for recreation and also to keep fit. This can come as a huge benefit in the current times of pandemic.

Modern Architecture

Apart from the sports facilities, true to the trend of the Kohinoor group, the residential complex also has a number of other features, the most stunning of them being the modern and sophisticated architectural designs of the flats and the apartments ere. The 2 and 3 BHK flats are seriously planned for comfort, convenience, and a luxurious lifestyle. The trademark quality assurance from the Kohinoor group is something you will not miss in Sportsville as well.

Natural Beauty

Hinjewadi is a great region that offers great natural beauty to the people living here. Property owners living in the palatial towers of the complex can enjoy the view of the hills and the river that is flowing by the region. Surely this happens to be one of the best balances of lying amidst undiluted natural beauty and yet to stay in touch with urban facilities of the city.



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