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Pune, Maharastra, 5th Jan 2023:- Kohinoor Group recently won the award for Fastest Growing Developer in Pune at the recently held ET Business Awards 2022 on 22nd Dec 2022. This event was held at the JW Marriot, SB road Pune.

The award was bestowed in recognition of their exponential growth in the past year. Kohinoor Group has gained massive success through its recent and ongoing projects and have successfully executed a large number of project launches within a single calendar year. The success of past projects such as Courtyard One, Viva City, Sapphire 3, and Kohinoor Kaleido have paid testimony to their ardent devotion to innovation and detail.

Economic Times Business Awards 2022

Through their ardent enthusiasm for recognizing and saluting multi-faceted, trailblazing individuals; Economic Times holds the ET Business Awards 2022 annually with great splendor in Pune. This year the event included a guest appearance by celebrity Neha Dhupia, along with the who’s who of the real estate industry.


Kohinoor Group esteems itself as one of the fastest-growing competitors in the real estate market for the past 39 years. Having a large number of successful launches in a single calendar year, Kohinoor Group happens to be one of the most trusted real estate companies in Pune.

What started as a cement trading business back in 1983, Kohinoor Group progressed to achieve greater milestones. Since then, they have established themselves as an innovative and dependable brand, providing more than 8 million square feet across Pune with an additional 9 million square feet under construction. Kohinoor Group also diversified into other sectors such as manufacturing, services, logistics, warehousing, and many more.

Their construction projects are mapped out thoroughly to ensure optimum execution and attention to detail. Kohinoor Group always ensures the well-being of its stakeholders while undertaking any project. Kohinoor Group implements the values of their founding philosophy - ‘Sada Sukhi Raho’ into every project. They promise to help their customers at every step, be it the initial consultation and inquiries or the final possession and customer care follow-up. They embody a sense of responsibility with every tiny step they take, to ensure a strong bond of trust with their ever-growing number of customers and stakeholders.

Here's where they answer all the hows: Kohinoor Group comprises a 5 pillar branding that incorporates: Branded homes, Sustainable living, Secure living, Healthy lifestyle, and Maintenance assurance.

Kohinoor Group has taken pride in achieving excellence through multiple successful ventures, providing world-class commercial and residential spaces across Pune. Kohinoor Group keeps growing through the massive success of every project they venture into. Their commitment to delivering on-time, high-quality service through numerous business endeavors distinguishes Kohinoor Group to be one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in Pune today.

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