How Kharadi Stands Out in Pune's Real Estate Scene

Since Pune has transformed into one of the most preferred residential cities, a number of suburbs have grown exponentially. While a few of these suburbs have attracted migrants from all over the country because of their affordability quotient and serene setting, only a few have risen because of their proximity to IT hubs - Hinjewadi, Magarpatta, Wakad, Baner, Wagholi, Viman Nagar and Kharadi to name a few. We could talk at length about all these locations and how these have prospered. But one location that seriously demands our attention is Kharadi. Once only considered for its laid back and quaint life, the Kharadi of today stands as one of the most preferred residential destinations, and the demand for flats in Kharadi seems to be ever growing. Guess what, we aren’t really surprised. Kharadi and areas near Kharadi deserve all the attention they are getting. After all, Kharadi offers an array of advantages that would attract any discerning homebuyer or a smart investor. 

1. Flats in Kharadi benefit largely because of Kharadi’s strategic location 

Kharadi is perhaps the first suburb in the Eastern corridor of Pune that has tasted unprecedented success. Primarily this is because of the fact that the location is home to an array of global IT firms and MNCs. But what has also made Kharadi irresistible is its proximity to the plush locations of Kalyani Nagar, Koregaon Park and Viman Nagar. In addition, Kharadi offers quick access to prime destinations in and around Pune because of its proximity to Pune-Ahmednagar Highway. Add to this the benefit of being near the Pune International Airport, and there’s nothing you could ask more from this gem of a location. 

2. IT Hub - The most significant reason for the transformation of Kharadi 

The demand for residential property in Kharadi Pune and that of properties in areas near Kharadi has witnessed a gigantic rise in the past years because of the emergence of IT parks in this location. The presence of EON Free Zone, World Trade Center, and Zensar Technologies has transformed Kharadi into a thriving commercial destination that has in turn also attracted top residential real estate developers to invest in Kharadi.  If you are looking for shimmering opportunities in the tech sector, you must go for flats in Kharadi as they place you in proximity to a number of tech giants. 

3. A residential property in Kharadi Pune is in demand for being contemporary and innovative 

Not only has Kharadi become the most preferred choice of discerning homebuyers, but it has also shimmered bright in Pune’s skyline because of its elite and high-class residences that ooze opulence. What this transformation has done for Kharadi is that it has propelled Kharadi to be an elite location, thereby resulting in a steady price appreciation of flats in Kharadi.  

4. Flats in Kharadi offer a bright future for your children 

Kharadi is not only about its commercial prowess but also about the perfect grooming environment it provides to your little ones. The presence of renowned educational institutions in the vicinity ensures quick access to quality education, free of any hassles. When your children spend less time commuting, they are filled with positive energy that brings out the best in them. 

5. Kharadi is the perfect location for leisure and entertainment 

Flats in Kharadi take pride in being in proximity to sprawling malls, entertainment complexes, and vibrant marketplaces. The presence of these has not contributed to the immense growth of this area but has also played a major role in attracting homebuyers who also give a preference to entertainment and recreation while choosing a residential property in Kharadi. If you are looking for a location with a vibrant lifestyle, flats in Kharadi would be your best option. 

6. Robust infrastructure

Kharadi is looked up to for its infrastructure par excellence. The location takes immense pride in its robust social and civic infrastructure that offers its residents well-maintained roads, reliable public transportation, and the integration of smart city initiatives. This ensures a seamless and futuristic living experience. 

7. Kharadi is a vibrant cosmopolitan location 

Diversity and inclusivity is something that you will quickly notice about Kharadi. The location’s cosmopolitan culture attracts migrants from all over the country and immediately makes them feel they belong here. Kharadi’s harmonious blend of cultures, languages and traditions makes it a vibrant and welcoming community.

8. Flats in Kharadi offer you the opportunity to earn great ROI 

For smart real estate investors, Kharadi has always been a lucrative investment option because of the plethora of advantages it brings to the table. A proven track record of steady appreciation is the first and foremost. The consistent growth of Kharadi in terms of price, demand and infrastructure has attracted investors from all parts of the country. Add to this the bright prospects this location behold, and there can’t be another better option than flats in Kharadi to earn great ROI. 


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