Why Punekars Are Choosing Commercial Properties Over Residential as Investments?

Pune has always been famous for its quintessential conservative image. But the last two decades have helped the city transform its reputation. From a serene and relatively quiet city happy within its frontiers, Pune has grown to become a bustling cosmopolitan. Thus, the Pune we see today is far different than what it was a couple of decades ago or earlier. Butthat has led to yet another change!

It is a paradigm shift in Punekar’s real estate investment preferences. The good old Punekar (and even the new one, for that matter!) who was content investing in residential properties is now looking to broaden his investment spectrum.

It isn’t that Pune’s residential real estate has lost steam. But its commercial counterpart is on a continual rise. A few years from the last decade witnessed an investment of about six to seven crores in offices and other commercial spaces. But what is driving Punekars to commercial properties in Pune? Let’s find out.

  1. Higher Potential Returns on Investment


    High Returns on Investment 

    Commercial properties in Pune offer a higher annual return on the purchase price. The return rate falls in the approximate range of about 5 to 12 percent. The percentage is way higher than the meager 2 to 4 percent growth that residential properties have been exhibiting.

    Of course, the location plays a decisive role here. For instance, properties proximal to industrial areas, massive residential settlements, or established educational institutions are higher than others situated in relatively isolated areas. Accordingly, the inclination has been towards areas like PCMC, Kharadi, Hinjewadi, Wakad, Rahatani, Magarpatta, etc.

  2. High Annual Rental Appreciation


    Annual Rental Appreciation
    Rental income is something that every investor looks to capitalize on. After all, it becomes a source of income and economic support in the long run. Commercial spaces in Pune offer a high annual rental appreciation.

    Punekars may expect rental appreciation of about 5 to 7 percent in localities that offer thriving business opportunities. So, a higher appreciation, coupled with high and steady rental returns, refers to a sustainable way of growing wealth.

  3. Businesses are Looking Up to Pune

    Punekars are undoubtedly aware of the business shift happening from Mumbai to Pune. The city’s gradual growth as one of India’s significant commercial hubs is a solid indicator of Pune’s extensive potential as a business center.

    From established brands to startups, there’s no dearth when it comes to businesses looking forward to tapping the promise the business holds. A careful look at the number of restaurants, educational institutions, malls, and startups blossoming across Pune’s horizon is an example that Pune is the future!

  4. Proliferating Educational Sector

    While already known as Oxford of the East, Pune is home to many other contemporary educational institutions, EdTech companies, and new age schools. The number of educational institutions has multiplied considerably over the past few years. And the number may only increase in the years to come.

    Thus, the educational sector looking to lease or rent commercial spaces is a lucrative opportunity for Punekars eyeing commercial real estate investments. They can earn steady rental or lease income and gain returns on their investment.

  5. Abundant Commercial Projects

    Commercial Projects

    The number of commercial projects in Pune has increased over the last decade. Fortunately, Pune’s commercial real estate could step out of the conventional commercial complexes and upgrade itself to modern ones.

    Thus, today’s Punekar has many options to choose from. From compact smart office spaces to massive showroom spaces, Punekar investments have many options. They can select a space based on their investment potential, choice, and the kind of business opportunities prevailing.

    So, commercial investments aren’t limited to only the elite Punekars, as the notion has always been. An average earning Punekar may also consider investing in commercial properties across various parts of the city.

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Are you a Punekar Looking for Commercial Properties in Pune? Consider KWT!

KWT LP Image

Kohinoor World Towers is an upcoming commercial complex rapidly shaping up in Pune’s twin city PCMC. Popularly known as KWT, the commercial hub has been selling at a rapid pace. Of course, there are many reasons for it. Some include Kohinoor’s unmatched reputation, the project’s strategic location, excellent connectivity, ultra-modern amenities, and multi-sized office options.

KWT can prove a potentially remunerative investment if you are looking to invest in commercial properties in Pune. Along with rental returns, you can benefit from various business opportunities from the proximal IT sector, industrial area, and investors coming in from nearby cities.

Call +91 20 6764 1818 to know more about KWT and its returns potential.



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