What Factors Drive the Demand for Commercial Properties in Pune?

Have you ever wondered why is Pune the most preferred residential and commercial destination today? What has transformed this city once known only for its quaint environs, pleasant climate and rich cultural heritage? The answer is a two letter term that has not only metamorphosed Pune but has also made it an attractive destination for discerning homebuyers, and most importantly, for smart investors who are looking for a commercial property in Pune that would fetch them great returns. In this blog, we will explore an array of factors that make Pune the commercial investment hotspot. In addition, we will also be taking a brief look at commercial property in Pune by the renowned Kohinoor Group Pune. So, if you wish to invest in an office space in Pune, or you are looking to buy shop in Pune, this blog is for you. Read on. 

1. This is IT!

Just take a look at how locations such as Hinjewadi, Kharadi, Magarpatta, and their adjoining suburbs have prospered in the past two decades. And all this is because of the stepping in of global IT firms and MNCs that have attracted not only discerning homebuyers, but smart investors as well. And let us tell you, though it is true that the IT Parks of Pune have attracted significant investment, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The emergence of IT parks has also brought along with it a remarkable improvement in the social and civic infrastructure, propelling Pune to be one of the most preferred cities, and thereby increasing the demand for commercial property in Pune. 

2. A holistic location with strategic advantages 

Pune’s geographical positioning, its pleasant weather, well-planned civic structure and its proximity to Mumbai - India’s financial capital make it one of the most significant locations to own a commercial property. If you are looking to establish your strong business foothold in this western economic corridor, a commercial property in Pune will surely open the doors to never ending prosperity for you. 

3. A commercial property in Pune offers you the perks of a thriving manufacturing sector 

Pune is not just about IT as perceived by many. Pune is also about its flourishing manufacturing and automobile sector that attracts thousands of employment opportunities. Hence, the manufacturing and automobile sector drives the demand for industrial and warehouse spaces, thereby making a significant impact on the demand supply ratio and price appreciation of commercial property in Pune. 

4. A commercial property in Pune also prospers because of Pune being the education hub 

Now this might seem a bit unbelievable that being an education hub would play any role in propelling Pune as one of the most preferred commercial investment destinations. But give this a thought. Since Pune is the education hub, it also attracts investment in the ed-tech, publishing, and related sectors. When a commercial property in Pune is in proximity to these sectors, it is bound to reap rich dividends. 

5. The startup fever catches on with investment in a commercial property in Pune as well

Pune has emerged as one of the most favourable cities for startups, and rightly so. The city takes pride in its nurturing environment for startups, its growing number of entrepreneurs who wish to make it big and pursue their business goals with dedication, an array of co-working spaces that are financially viable for such startups, and of course its strategic locations that make owning a commercial property in Pune fruitful. As the number of startups has grown in Pune, so has the demand for office space in Pune. 

6. Conducive government policies - a big motivation to invest in a commercial property in Pune 

The Indian government is proactively taking steps to encourage businesses to flourish here in India. India’s business-friendly policies and an array of conducive initiatives have played a significant role in the thriving demand for commercial properties. Policies such as 'Make in India' and the 'Smart Cities Mission' have resulted in an impressive infrastructure development that has attracted smart investors from all corners of the country, which eventually has led to the ever-growing demand for office space in Pune. 

7. An array of investment opportunities 

Versatility is what sets Pune's real estate scene apart.  From state-of-the-art office spaces to modern retail complexes and entertainment hubs, Pune offers a diverse range of commercial properties. What this does for investors looking for a commercial property in Pune or an office in Pune is, that they can choose the best property that suits their needs and financial goals.

8. The retail boost 

Retail has played a significant role in the shimmering scenario of Pune’s commercial real estate. Driven by the growing spending capacity, changing consumer preferences and lifestyle aspirations, the retail industry is growing and how!  If you are looking to buy shop in Pune and enjoy great returns, that is indeed a wise decision. 

9. Infrastructure Overhaul

Pune's commitment to infrastructural development has been a catalyst for the demand surge in commercial properties. Ongoing projects such as metro rail expansion, road enhancements, and the development of business districts contribute to the city's allure for businesses looking for modern and well-connected commercial spaces.

KBT Project
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Kohinoor World Towers (KWT), Pune

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