Things That Tech Companies Look for When Leasing Office in Pune

As one of India’s most prominent technology hubs, IT leasing forms a significant contributor to Pune’s real estate economy. From startups to SMEs and global enterprises, IT companies of varying sizes look to lease an office in Pune. Some reasons for this consideration are proximity to Mumbai, lower operating costs, and the availability of talent at a cost lower than that of Mumbai and Bangalore.

In addition, the availability of spaces and the many ongoing and complete commercial projects in Pune allow IT players to choose from a range of options. Recently, a global tech enterprise leased commercial property in Pune at crores of rupees a month. Such news indicates Pune’s significance across India’s commercial real estate realm.

But technology companies come with specific requirements that not many commercial properties can cater to. Let’s look at those requirements.

5 Factors IT Companies Consider While Leasing Office in Pune


IT is an ever-growing business. But at the same time, it is a stressful job that requires IT companies to provide certain facilities, amenities, and a healthy working environment. Let’s look at five crucial factors IT companies look at while leasing commercial properties in Pune.

  1. Scalability

    IT is all pervasive. Hence, IT companies grow potentially quicker than many other businesses. Besides, IT is a largely project-driven business. The larger the project, the greater the staff requirement. Given the business’s dynamics, IT companies require scalable offices to serve their business’s growing needs. A scalable space allows IT companies to think of expanding the resource base without shifting.

    But scalability isn’t confined to the core operational space. Other areas, like the pantry, cafeteria, boardroom, etc., also should be equally and quickly scalable.

  2. Accessibility

    This isn’t IT-specific. But it matters to IT companies as well. IT is a very dynamic business on the human resource front as well. Employees have mammoth options to choose from and those which will pay them equally well or higher.

    Hence, they might not think twice before resigning, even for a reason like accessibility or commuting convenience.

    Thus, while leasing an office space, accessibility proves to be a crucial aspect for IT companies. Lease contracts are usually long-term. So, an IT company cannot afford to lose talent in the long run only because the office isn’t easily accessible. Usually, locations with abundant public transport options and well-connected with other parts of the city, especially the hiring zone, are the preference.

  3. Lifestyle Factors

    Millennials form a significant chunk of every IT company’s resource base. Hence, leasing office space in an isolated area doesn’t work.

    Thus, while fitting the office in criteria like accessibility, scalability, and modern amenities, IT companies should also see how proximal the office is to hotspots like restaurants, bars, pubs, shopping avenues, etc.

    Many IT employees prefer hanging out with friends and family immediately after the office. Thus, an office close to these lifestyle factors is crucial in leasing a commercial property in Pune.

  4. Internet Connectivity

    For technology companies, the internet is their biggest ammo. Thus, IT companies review the area’s internet speed while leasing office spaces. Most of them require fiber and gigabit speeds. IT enterprises are involved in massive data transfers, migrations, etc. All these activities require very high internet speeds. A higher bandwidth allows them to deliver better customer service. Hence, high internet connectivity and related infrastructure are a must.

  5. Open Office Layout

    Technology enterprises usually prefer open office layouts, with a few private compartments and cabins for the higher-ups and conference rooms. In many companies, IT companies walk the extra mile and create small private spaces where the employees can take breaks and make personal calls if required.

    Another significant aspect of IT companies is employee recreation. IT companies are keen on providing their employees with recreation areas that allow them to indulge in games during break time, have coffee, and celebrate private events like birthdays, achievements, etc. Thus, ideally, an office meant for IT leasing should have the scope to create such spaces.

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Flexible, Scalable, and Incredible Spaces for IT Companies at KWT

kwt pune (1) 

Are you an IT company looking to lease a commercial property in Pune? Consider Kohinoor World Towers (KWT). KWT is an upcoming commercial project in PCMC near Pune. The project offers excellent connectivity and is proximal to the IT hub of Hinjawadi (approximately 11-12 kilometers). In addition, it is accessible via the Old Mumbai Pune Highway and has seamless connectivity to other IT hubs like Viman Nagar, Kharadi, Yerawada, and Kalyani Nagar.

KWT offers various ultra-modern amenities and multi-sized integrated and intelligent office spaces, thus serving all the needs of IT companies, big and small.

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