The Growth of Commercial Real Estate in Mundhwa, Baner, and Akurdi

Pune's commercial real estate market has been experiencing a significant boom in recent years. Among the most rapidly developing commercial locations are Mundhwa, Baner, and Akurdi. The commercial real estate markets in Mundhwa, Baner, and Akurdi are experiencing robust growth, driven by strategic locations, infrastructure development, economic opportunities, and quality of life. These factors make these locations highly attractive for businesses and investors alike.  In this blog, we will be exploring the advantages of investing in a commercial property in Pune in these three thriving locations. In addition, we will also take a look at Kohinoor Group Pune, and its upcoming commercial projects in Pune. Read on. 

Mundhwa: The Emerging Hotspot To Own A Commercial Property In Pune

Mundhwa takes pride in its strategic location and excellent connectivity. Located in the eastern part of Pune, this location has witnessed a rapid transformation. Initially, it was a primarily residential area, but now it has miraculously transformed into a bustling commercial hub. Its proximity to established IT parks in Kharadi and Magarpatta makes it an attractive location for businesses. The Pune-Solapur Highway and the upcoming Pune Metro expansion further enhance Mundhwa’s connectivity, facilitating easy access to other parts of the city and beyond. Now, let’s take a detailed look at these advantages.

Robust infrastructure 

Mundhwa takes pride in its robust social and civic infrastructure. The location offers you modern amenities, well-maintained roads, and efficient public transport systems. Upcoming projects, such as the proposed Ring Road and the extension of the metro line, are expected to further enhance Mundhwa’s accessibility and appeal.

Conducive Business Environment

Any commercial property in Pune benefits largely from a conducive business environment. The presence of state-of-the-art office spaces, co-working spaces, and commercial complexes in Mundhwa’s real estate landscape makes it a conducive environment for smooth business operations. Major companies are increasingly choosing Mundhwa for their operations, attracted by the availability of premium office spaces at competitive rates.

Baner: The Upmarket Commercial Destination

Baner’s proximity to IT Corridors makes it an attractive choice for businesses looking for commercial property in Pune. The commercial projects in Baner offer you various advantages such as excellent connectivity and robust infrastructure to name a few. Let’s take a look at these advantages in detail. 

Lifestyle and Amenities

Baner is not just about business; it also offers a high quality of life. The area boasts a plethora of dining options, shopping centers, recreational facilities, and healthcare services. This blend of business and lifestyle amenities makes commercial projects in Baner a hotspot for professionals looking to balance work and personal life.

Commercial Growth and Opportunities

The commercial real estate market in Baner is characterized by modern office spaces, commercial complexes, and retail outlets. The demand for commercial projects in Baner is driven by the influx of IT companies and the growing startup ecosystem. Investors are drawn to Baner due to its potential for high returns, thanks to the continuous demand for office spaces and the location’s impressive growth trajectory.

Akurdi: The Industrial and Commercial Powerhouse

Akurdi is touted as the industrial backbone of PCMC, and rightly so. The presence of major industrial estates and manufacturing units has laid a strong foundation for commercial growth. Akurdi’s industrial legacy is complemented by its emerging status as a commercial hub, attracting a diverse range of businesses.

Here are the advantages of owning a commercial property in Akurdi - 

Excellent Connectivity

Akurdi’s connectivity is one of its strongest assets. The area is well-connected by road and rail, with the Mumbai-Pune Expressway providing seamless access to both cities. The local train network and the upcoming metro line further enhance connectivity This makes Akurdi an attractive destination for businesses looking for upcoming commercial projects in Pune. 

Commercial Real Estate Development

The commercial real estate market in Akurdi is expanding. With the ever-growing development of modern office spaces, business parks, and commercial complexes, Akurdi has witnessed growth like never before. The availability of large plots of land and the relatively lower property prices compared to central Pune areas make Akurdi an attractive option for investors. In addition, the presence of educational institutions and residential developments in the vicinity supports the growth of a vibrant business community.


Kohinoor Group

If you are looking for a commercial property in Pune, you must take a look at the commercial developments by Kohinoor Group Pune. This real estate brand has been turning heads with its commercial properties which has made the world take notice. Kohinoor Group Pune takes pride in its upcoming commercial projects in Pune that are adorned with world-class features, designed by international architects and are strategically situated in Pune’s prime destinations. 

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