The Growing Importance of Sports Facilities in Residential Societies

Over time, human needs and comfort have become inextricably linked. The definition of necessity is rapidly shifting as the globe moves toward modernisation. Every amenity that was once considered a luxury is now considered a necessity.

Staying in a small, self-contained residence within city limits and near a busy commercial area used to be all that was required for happiness and comfort. However, the definition of an ideal home has evolved significantly in recent years. Young property buyers nowadays choose to live in green and peaceful places away from the city's bustle. Gated communities are the best for achieving the desired lifestyle since they are beautifully constructed in a calm and natural setting with all of the required amenities for a comfortable living.

People have become more interested in sports and fitness in the last year in order to improve their health and well-being. The trend was noticed, and luxury real estate developers focused more on developing a premium living area with health and wellness-related features at the forefront. Crossfit training floor, basketball court, olympic size lap pool, state-of-the-art fitness center with yoga & aerobics, well-equipped gym with weights and cardio, and sports courts with squash, badminton, tennis, and soccer are now available in most good residential projects.

Here are five sports amenities that are must have in any residential project today.

Gym & Training


Adding a gym to an apartment complex has always increased the property's value. However, in addition to a well-equipped gym, builders are now giving homeowners an outdoor gym and crossfit training facilities. Crossfit training is quietly making a huge impact as people become increasingly interested in fitness and excellent health.

Fitness training is aimed to achieve general fitness of the human body, whereas traditional weight training in the gym improves strength and muscular mass.

For millennials who value safe, effective exercise and good nutrition, Crossfit Training is increasingly becoming a lifestyle choice. This exercise form is customised for each learner, with intensity levels set to challenge them while also improving their fitness.

In addition, crossfit training is similar to community training. Every class encourages and motivates one another as they strive toward their objectives.

Indoor Basketball Court

Basket Ball Court 

A growing number of buildings have integrated sports courts to their amenity suites, allowing residents to play basketball, squash, tennis, soccer, or any other sports without leaving the building.

The presence of a basketball court within the gated community apartment is appealing to all basketball fans. A full-size NBA-standard indoor basketball court, on the other hand, would be the icing on the cake. There will be no more complaining about a beautiful morning or a rainy evening. You can play whenever and wherever you want, regardless of the weather.

A full-size indoor basketball court is available in only a few apartment estates in Pune. Most apartments have half- or full-size outdoor basketball courts. Sportsville by Kohinoor, one of Kohinoor Properties' top residential offerings, has an outdoor basketball court as well as an exclusive indoor badminton court. It's a full-size NBA standard court, featuring the highest quality hardwood flooring available.

Futsal Court


What could be better than having your own mini-football field in the comfort of your own home? Futsal is a high-octane sport that is played on a hard court and is essentially a scaled-down version of outdoor soccer. It is a thrilling and fast-paced indoor sport that is recognised by FIFA and the AFC and is played all over the world.

Sportsville by Kohinoor is one of the few premium villas in Pune that includes a futsal court. This eliminates the need for you or your children to leave their home; sports training is now feasible within the confines of your residential complexes.

Swimming Pool


Swimming is an activity that burns a lot of calories, is gentle on the joints, helps you maintain your weight, improves your fitness, and increases muscle strength and endurance. It also increases cardiovascular fitness, results in optimal cardiac function, cools and refreshes you in the heat, and may be done safely even at an advanced age.

Within the boundaries of Sportsville by Kohinoor, there is an Olympic-size swimming pool as well as a children's pool.

Kids’ Play Area and Adventure Zone


Children are generally confined to their homes due to the lack of backyards and gardens in modern residences, and they have lost the ability to play freely and carefree. The younger generation has been severely impacted by the paradigm shift in lifestyle and habitation. The majority of today's children are addicted to television, video games, and digital devices. Many scientific studies have found that these addictions not only cause physical problems but also have an impact on mental development. Outdoor sports and activities are important for children's growth.

Outdoor open space has been turned to open landscaping, central parks, kid's play spaces & adventure zones, skating rinks, and more in modern gated community apartments designed with meticulous planning.

Other sporting facilities, such as badminton, squash, or tennis courts, and cricket practice pitches, are now widespread in residential areas. The upscale gated community of Kohinoor Sportsville in Hinjewadi Phase 1 offers a variety of sports and fitness facilities for everyone.

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Make Every Moment Extraordinary at Sportsville

One of the best residential projects in Hinjewadi phase 1, Sportsville is a masterfully designed residential neighbourhood, which offers every family a taste of the global lifestyle. The project is primarily focused on sports and is spread out over a wide well-defined land lot. However, Sportsville's meticulous planning from the start has ensured that even the slightest features represent a high-end lifestyle.

Sports Facilities at Sportsville


  1. The Shantanu Sugwekar Cricket Nets
  2. Paresh Shivalkar Futsal Arena
  3. Aditi Mutatkar Badminton Complex
  4. Chandrashekhar Gokhale Chess Room
  5. Anjali Bhagwat Shooting Range
  6. Nandan Bal Tennis Court
  7. Table Tennis Room
  8. Swimming Pool and Kids’ Pool
  9. Dart Room
  10. Basketball Court (multi-marking court)
  11. Touch Tennis (multi-marking court)

Wellness and Entertainment Features at Sportsville

  1. Sports-centric Landscape Podium
  2. CrossFit Arena
  3. Joggers’ Track
  4. Gym with Steam and Sauna
  5. Tree Plaza
  6. Herbal Garden
  7. Indoor Games - Carrom, Billiards, Foosball
  8. Gaming Zone - PlayStation, Xbox
  9. Party lawn
  10. Pets’ play zone
  11. Lawn mound with sculpture
  12. Kids’ Zone:
    - Climbing Wall Holds, Slackline, Ninja
    - Line, Obstacle Course, Zipline


kohinoor sportsville hinjewadi 

What would you seek in a project that claimed to be the best home in Hinjewadi because of its amenities? Is it the wide range of amenities? What is their level of quality? How high-end and well-kept were they? All of this is available at the Sportsville by Kohinoor.

Sportsville was conceived as a forward-thinking initiative. While the project's concentration is on sports, the Kohinoor group has made sure that every other amenity is equally impressive.

Sportsville by Kohinoor offers comfortable 1 BHK flats in Hinjewadi phase 1, spacious 2 BHK flats in Hinjewadi phase 1 and luxury 3 BHK flats in Hinjewadi phase 1.



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