Sada Sukhi Raho With Kohinoor Group

Plan your future by looking for the right place to live. You and your family need a house where you can stay happy and lead a contented life. Kohinoor Group brings you the perfect option to live a lavish life without any compromise. The place where you stay with your loved ones is your ultimate comfort zone. As part of their Sada Sukhi Raho campaign, the Kohinoor group brings you premium living apartments and flats. Enjoy living with your family in the finest flats of Pune.

Kohinoor Group Legacy

Kohinoor Group Pune Logo

As the name reflects, Kohinoor offers you the most premium living spaces where you can live luxuriously with your family. With Kohinoor Group Pune, you get 1,2, and 3BHK flats in premium locations of Pune.

38 years of legacy in real estate makes Kohinoor Group one of the most elite choices. Over so many years, they have emerged as the pioneer of making the best apartments for families. Flats that reflect ultimate luxury and offer the most comfortable stay are the prime attraction of the brand Kohinoor.

More than 6000 families have found their dream residence with Kohinoor apartments. As one of the leading real estate developers in Pune, the Kohinoor Group always sets its projects in residential areas.

Unlike regular projects where the locations are hard to access, Kohinoor group of flats always brings you the ultimate convenience. Standing as the most reliable name among all other real estate brands, you can put your complete faith in their developed projects.

The 5 Pillars of Sada Sukhi Raho

5 Pillars of Sada Sukhi Raho 

 Each brick of the house or apartment you live in holds a lot of impact in making you happy. Whether it is the design of the rooms or the apartment facilities, your residential space needs to be apt for your choice. The Sada Sukhi Raho campaign from Kohinoor Group stands on the five solid pillars of promise towards every buyer.

Branded Homes:

A brand plays a key role in making every product genuine. Like every other commodity, your home also needs proper branding. Kohinoor Group brings you branded residential flats with options of 1,2, and 3BHK. The campaign showcases 9 multi-specialty residential projects in Pune for families who are looking for a peaceful abode.

Associating with a brand like Kohinoor keeps you worry-free about the reliability of the flat specifications. Luxurious properties with modern facilities and genuine assurance from a brand are the ultimate all-rounder project you need.

Sustainable Living:

Who does not want to live in a beautiful home with peaceful surroundings? A touch of green when you peep out of the window of your lavish 2-BHK or 3-BHK home brings you peace from within. You and your family experience the ultimate joy of living in a cozy home with all the modern amenities. High-quality construction that resists damages and assures stress-free living.

Active Lifestyles:

Are you a sports enthusiast or actively into physical fitness activities? No need to step out of your comfortable house anymore! Real estate projects like Presidentia by Kohinoor, Sportsville, and other residential options from this prestigious group offer you more than just lavish apartments. You get access to fitness clubs, swimming pools, indoor activities, and much more. Leave no scope for dullness by choosing premium apartments with excellent amenities.

Secure Living:

Kohinoor Group assures you of 24x7 multi-tier security in every residential project. Spacious flats in the most happening areas of Pune eliminate your fears of living in a secluded place with no options for conveyance. Most of the projects are in office localities which makes them highly secured as a whole. Other than that, every project has a well-developed security setup. CCTV, security personnel, guarded campus, and much more add to tighten the security measures in the apartment.

Maintenance Team:

Maintenance is no longer an issue when you buy the premium and spacious flats from the projects of SADA SUKHI RAHO WITH KOHINOOR GROUP. Irrespective of the price you pay for the flat, maintenance is a must. Thus, all the multi-ranged flats come with specific maintenance plans and ready teams to ease the residents' living.

Introducing Presidentia by Kohinoor


Quality builders like the Kohinoor Group never disappoint with their offerings. Among the many 2 BHK flat for sale in BT Kawade Road, the Presidentia by Kohinoor is among the luxury residential projects in pune, and the one that steals attention. The premium project offers 2 BHK & 3 BHK that ranges between Rs. 81.49 lakhs and Rs. 1.08 Cr. Every modern amenity you need to lead a lavish lifestyle is present with this fine real estate project.

The brand name is sufficient to explain the features of the flats. IT professionals, businesspersons, and professionals of every other field find the location of B.T Kawade Rd., Mundhwa very easy to access for the excellent communicating terminals. An exceptional choice for those looking for a deluxe residence.

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Introducing Sportsville by Kohinoor

Sportsville 2 (1) 

Sportsville by Kohinoor is among the most luxe properties in Pune and is a blend of it all! Spacious flats to live in, green compounds, sports and activity centers, and much more! You get them all under one living area complex. Get 1,2 & 3 BHK for Rs. 42.2 Lakhs to Rs. 79.60. with this super-ambitious real estate project and live a happy and healthy life.

Hinjawadi, the hub for modern family residences, offers you excellent conveyance options, making it a deal not worth missing out on!

Kohinoor Group – Promising a Sada Sukhi Future

Customers are deeply happy with the flats and the residential facilities in the Presidentia by Kohinoor and Sportsville by Kohinoor. World-class facilities in the apartments that too in the heart of Pune makes the two premium real-estate project everyone’s top choice. 3 BHK flats in Hinjewadi, that too in such compact pricing are the offers you cannot lose out on!


Mr. Akshay Gajabe

People who have booked the flats in Sportsville by Kohinoor like Mr. Akshay Gajabe, Mr. Harshal Mahajan(1BHK), and many others are all happy with their purchase and the facilities offered by Kohinoor Group. The premium apartments offer something more than just a happy home. They are happy with the complete package of peaceful living and fitness opportunities.



Mr. Harshal Mahajan

Similarly, Presidentia by Kohinoor project residentials is also full of praises about the amenities of the flats. The prime offerings and modern designs of the rooms of the 2 and 3BHKs, surrounded by a beautiful view of greenery and small mountains in Pune, make the project worth every penny.

Both the flats truly reflect the essence of living a Sada Sukhi life with family and loved ones with a peaceful ambiance.



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