Real Estate Virtual Tours– How 360 Degree Online Tours are Helping Pune Home Buyers Do Site Visits

Biggest Challenge for Home Buyers in Pune – No Real Estate Site Visits During Lockdown!

Pradeep is a resident of Pune and stays in a rented home in Kothrud. He is a potential home buyer, looking out for a property in Hinjawadi, near to his workplace, so that he can commute easily to his office as and when it resumes. Besides, he wants to own a property in an elite area, and he prefers Hinjawadi over every other locality.

Lately, Pradeep has come across an apartment well-suited to his needs on the eighth floor of a project. But he doesn’t want to finalize, without seeing what he is buying, the view from the apartment, and its rooms. However, the current lockdown isn’t allowing him to step out and see the property in person. He cannot wait for things to return to normalcy, as the apartment has many takers, and he is afraid he might miss on it.

Given the situation, how will Pradeep make an informed decision?


Current Lockdown Situation


A lot would resonate with Pradeep’s situation. They’ve got the resources and capabilities to buy a home during the lockdown. Nevertheless, the current adversities aren’t allowing them to visit properties. It is here that virtual tours play a vital role. VR leverages technology to replicate the impact of an in-person visit by offering a virtual three-dimensional virtual tour of the property and seeing everything as effectively as the naked eye.

Real Estate 3D Virtual Tours – Interactive and Guided Tours for Residential and Commercial Projects





Real estate 3D virtual tours have transformed real estate sales and have helped companies expedite lead closures. However, for you as the buyer, they bring two types of tours, i.e., guided tours and interactive tours, to their table.

Guided tours or guided visits are promotional videos shot in 360 degrees. The 360-degree real estate virtual tours take you through the project and the home in a 3D video format. Interactive tours, on the other hand, prove even more effective. They allow you to choose to move within a particular property by clicking on the exclusive hotspots within the scope of the view.

As a result, real estate 360 virtual tours prove an effective decision-making tool for prospects who want to buy a home during the pandemic but cannot step out to pay a personal visit to it. These tours, especially the interactive ones, give you a comprehensive insight into your prospective home and help you make an informed investment.


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Benefits of Real Estate Virtual Tours – Take a 360 Degree View of the Best Properties in Pune





For instance, in Pradeep’s case, he can book an interactive virtual tour with the construction company with which he wants to buy the property. He starts from the home’s entrance, sees how it looks and proceeds to the other rooms.

Further, he visits the master bedroom, assesses the area (imagines himself and his family there!), goes to the balcony, looks at the view of the surroundings from it, and then similarly, proceeds to look at the other areas such as the kitchen, other bedrooms, and the views from each one of it. Besides, he also looks at the other elements such as doors, tiles, finishing, fixtures, ventilation options, etc., to further confirm if he will get value for investment.

In other words, the real estate virtual tour enables Pradeep to experience an in-person visit from the comfort of his home. Such a virtual visit proves as insightful as an in-person visit would. So, that answers the question that confronts many like Pradeep.

However, there’s another question relating to it. With which construction company in Pune can you book a real estate virtual tour of its projects and apartments? The answer is Kohinoor Group!

Want to Buy a New Home in Pune? Book a Real Estate Virtual Tour with Kohinoor Group


One of the leading construction companies in Pune, Kohinoor’s real estate approach is well-aligned with the current situation and the corresponding modern-day demands of new-age home buyers.

As a result, Kohinoor offers an advanced and interactive virtual tour of its apartments for various ongoing and completed projects across the city. It includes Hinjawadi, Kondhwa, Tathawade, and many others.

Connect with Kohinoor at 020 6764 1839 if you want to take a virtual tour of its premium apartments, and make an informed choice to buy a home during the pandemic.

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