Luxury Homes on the Budget - Finding Affordable Premium Homes in Pune

Living in a premium home is everyone's dream. But then, what about affordability? How do you strike a balance between buying a premium yet affordable home? In other words, how do you purchase a premium and affordable home?

Let us look at what home buyers in Pune generally do and then acquaint you with one of Kohinoor's projects that precisely meets your premium home needs and simultaneously ensures affordability through competitive prices.

What are the Most Common Home Buying Needs?


Home buying needs


Practically, every home buyer has a unique definition of a luxury home and has specific needs associated with it. However, we have enlisted a few common ones that every home buyer in Pune and elsewhere looks forward to having while buying a luxury yet affordable home in Pune.

  • Well-developed surroundings
  • A safe and secure environment
  • 24-hour water supply
  • Presence of schools, hospitals, colleges, entertainment centers, etc.
  • Commutable location from the city center or workplace
  • Excellent connectivity – proximity to highways and arterial roads
  • Accessible through multiple modes of transport

3 Things Home Buyers do to Buy a Premium Yet Affordable Home in Pune

1. Look for Projects Away from City


real estate in tathawade-1

For an individual with an average income, buying a premium home in an elite area, probably in and around the city center, for instance, Deccan, Shivaji Nagar, Kothrud, Karve Nagar, etc. is practically a far-fetched dream. These areas are developed, old, centrally-located, and have a particular heritage associated with them that makes them expensive.

Accordingly, such home buyers in pursuit of a premium home start moving away from the city center. It isn't that the luxury projects in Pune in the city's outskirts do not offer elite homes.

However, in the wake of buying an opulent house, such buyers end up increasing their daily commuting time and spend hours travelling between home and office. So, on the one hand, wherein these buyers live in a luxurious home, on the other, they compromise a lot.

2. Indulge into Heavy and Prolonged Negotiations with the Builder


Manage Monthly Expenses With Home Loan EMI


This one depends on the negotiation skills of the home buyer. However, negotiation isn't applicable and possible everywhere. Homebuyers might succeed to a certain extent, perhaps, curbing the cost a bit. But only a bit, not much! It is because promoters quote prices based on a range of factors involved in the construction of the home.

As a result, it isn't possible for everyone to lower the cost beyond a certain extent and take a significant hit on the profit.

Further, the higher home buyers negotiate, the more they have to compromise on features. Nevertheless, in many cases, prices remain fixed to meet a certain standard of construction.

3. Buy a Smaller Home


Buy a smaller home

Buying a smaller home than the one intended is another answer to how to find affordable homes that are elite. If a 1500 square feet home isn't financially feasible, however, if the location is central and privileged, people compromise a bit on the house's surface area and buy a smaller home. So, the plan to buy a 3 BHK changes to purchasing a 2 BHK, or perhaps, even a 1 BHK, depending on the buyer's budget.

The above points indicate that you can buy an elite and affordable home in Pune. However, to do so, you are required to make many compromises on the area and lifestyle adjustments as well. But then, is that the end of the story, and do you continue living with such challenges? Not when you have Kohinoor by your side! How?

Introducing Kohinoor Presidentia – One of the Best Budget-Friendly Luxury Residential Projects in Pune!


Kohinoor Blog Image-05 (1)

So, enough compromises and challenges! Kohinoor Presidentia serves as the answer to your needs to buy an elite yet affordable home in Pune. The project offers an extensive range of modern-day amenities, including a gymnasium, kids' swimming pool, 24/7 security, lifts, multipurpose hall, garden, CCTV, etc.

However, how is Kohinoor Presidentia different? Situated on the well-accessible, elite, and well-connected BT Kawade Road, Kohinoor Presidentia features premium 2 BHK and 3 BHK homes at affordable prices.

So, you neither have to go far and settle in the city's outskirts nor compromise the area of the home to match opulence with your budget. Thus, with Kohinoor Presidentia, you fulfil your dream of buying a premium yet affordable home in Pune.

Buy Luxury Homes in Pune with Kohinoor!



Kohinoor Group is one of the leading construction companies in Pune. It has been delivering excellence since 1983 and has played an instrumental role in transforming the skyline of Pune. In addition to Kohinoor Presidentia, Kohinoor has a range of other premium projects in areas such as Sus (Kohinoor Emerald), Tathawade (Kohinoor Sapphire 2), Hinjewadi (Coral), Grandeur (Ravet), Bibvewadi (Jeeva), Hinjewadi (Tinsel Town Phase 2), and many others.

So, if you want to buy a home in Pune, pay a visit to Kohinoor's residential projects.

Call 020 6764 1839, write to for more information or book a site visit.


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