Koregaon Park Annex Mundhwa An Emerging Destination for Large Corporates

With a strategic location, abundant business opportunities, and many upcoming enterprise-level commercial spaces, Pune is emerging as a more promising business hub. the city has its unique business hotspots spread across multiple directions. Its eastern frontier, which hosts IT companies, banks, consulting firms, etc., is a promising business destination. But KP Annex, Mundhwa stands out with a distinction. It is quickly rising as a business center for global corporates. Let's see why.

3 Reasons KP Annex, Mundhwa Is the Next Big Thing in Pune’s Commercial Real Estate

From excellent connectivity to relatively affordable and spacious commercial spaces, here are four reasons that make KP Annex, Mundhwa, a futuristic choice for MNCs.

  1. Excellent Connectivity and Strategic Location

    Area Connectivity-1

    Mundhwa is bestowed with excellent connectivity. Thanks to Pune's development authorities, who have made the place easily accessible and connected with the city's other parts. For instance, commuting to the airport takes only about 24-25 minutes (approximately 7.5 kilometers) from Mundhwa via the New Airport Road! Besides, the Pune-Ahmednagar Highway can be conveniently accessed in about ten minutes.

    But that's certainly not it. Mundhwa enjoys a strategic location that precisely makes it an emerging destination for global enterprises. How is that? Prominent business hubs like Kalyani Nagar (around 6 kilometers), Kharadi (about 3 kilometers), Magarpatta (nearly 3 kilometers), Viman Nagar (approximately 6 kilometers), and the elite Koregaon Park (roughly 5 kilometers) are all proximal to Mundhwa.

    These attributes signify KP Annex, Mundhwa's superb connectivity, and that it is a centrally located business destination across Pune's eastern horizon.

  2. Availability of Space and Inventory

    Affordable Office in Pune

    Another significant advantage of investing in KP Annex, Mundhwa, is that it is a business destination in the making. Thus, the locality offers more extensive land spreads. Besides, one can find a range of upcoming, ongoing, and completed projects across KP Annex's realty spectrum. Both these factors denote the availability of gigantic office spaces (apt for large corporates and their massive setups) and a broad inventory to choose from.

    Thus, as a corporate looking to buy a commercial property in KP Annex, Mundhwa, Pune, you can choose various options to create the scalability edge for your business!

  3. Affordability

    Affordability is yet another of KP Annex's crucial investment advantages. It might not be the parameter for every global corporate, but for most companies looking forward to optimizing their investments, while keeping the latter to minimal, KP Annex, Mundhwa, proves a welcoming vicinity. 
    The locality's commercial landscape is shaping up. Hence, it isn't saturated (full house or overcrowded) or offers commercial spaces at exorbitant rates like its other counterparts Kharadi, Viman Nagar, Kalyani Nagar, etc. 

    As far as the per square feet commercial space rate in KP Annex, the average range was 14-15K, and the upper range reached the 18-19K mark in the last Q3 of 2022. On the other hand, Kharadi, Viman Nagar, and Kalyani Nagar had an average range value of 18-19K. Thus, the difference is visible! While offering global corporates the price advantage, KP Annexe also presents abundant and reasonably priced investment avenues for SMEs and startups with considerable financial muscle.


It's Near and Soon to Hit! Stay Prepared

Kohinoor Group

KP Annex, Mundhwa's landscape is about to transform forever! Yes. Something big and exciting is taking Mundhwa's commercial real estate by storm. Stay tuned as Kohinoor Group steadily unveils the surprise for you in the time to come.



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