Rooftop Restaurants in Pune – Way to Get The Best Commercial Space in Pimpri Chinchwad, Pune

Rooftop Restaurants Near Pune - Get a Premium Commercial Property for Your Restaurant in PCMC

Lately, Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad have witnessed the restaurant landscape transforming from conventional to modern, suiting the aesthetic needs and culinary tastes of the diverse population residing in both cities. So, these days, apart from the traditional vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants, you will find many themed restaurants and exotic cuisine restaurants in Pune and PCMC. However, there’s another type, which wasn’t as common a few years ago, but lately, is gaining popularity, and that’s rooftop restaurants.

If you plan to open a rooftop restaurant near Pune or in PCMC, you must ensure you select the right location to enhance the visibility and relevance of your restaurant to optimize the response towards it. Let us see how to choose the right place to start for a rooftop restaurant in Pune or PCMC.

How to Find The Best Location for Your New Rooftop Restaurant in Pune

1. The Accessibility of the Location


One of the first factors you need to consider is how accessible the location is. People prefer visiting restaurants situated at prime locations that are easy to reach and do not require people to drive several miles to reach them. Accordingly, check out factors such as accessibility from various nearby target locations, the connecting roads on which people will have to drive to reach the restaurant, and the time taken from multiple places during peak traffic times and weekends. Contemplating each one of these will help you make a strategic choice.

2. The Type of Crowd Around

A rooftop restaurant, for instance, serving foreign cuisine, where most of the surrounding population is either bachelor people working in the nearby industrial area, or students, preferring to eat regular food, may not meet with a substantial response. Perhaps, it is only people who love trying out different cuisine or that have stepped out for a long drive who might visit your restaurant. However, you wouldn’t be able to project the number of such people or rely on them completely as regular customers for your restaurant.

As a result, you must assess the crowd within a radius of few kilometers. You should study the location properly, the type of people staying around, their preferred type of restaurants (whether regular, conventional, or exclusive), the kind of food they love, etc., to make a decision that yields a better response.

3. The Average Spending Capacity of the Prospects

This is pretty much aligned with the above point. There’s no point opening an upscale rooftop restaurant in a place where the average spending capacity of people isn’t more than 700-800 INR. So, here, you need to do an in-depth review of the monthly income, average outdoor eating spend, and the spending capacity to choose a location to open a rooftop restaurant in Pune or PCMC that resonates with the people around.

4. Availability of Space at the Location

Have you ever seen a compact rooftop restaurant where every aspect appears compromised? No. Rooftop restaurants should be large enough to accommodate a larger number of people, along with the various departments of the restaurant. They should let people feel fresh when they sit to dine under the sky. Besides, you should have space to make multiple seating arrangements and allow your staff to move around freely.

5. View of the Surroundings from the Rooftop

Rooftop View 

Apart from the food and beverage quality and choice, one of the most significant features that matter to people when it comes to a rooftop restaurant is the rooftop view. So, whenever you step out to choose the best location for your rooftop restaurant in Pune, or PCMC, you must assess the view during the day as well as the evening time. If your restaurant is amidst the city center, a spectacular view of the city’s skyline can form a great choice!

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KWT – PCMC’s New Landscape in the Making. Get the Best Rooftop Location for your Restaurant in Pune or PCMC

Kohinoor World Towers 

KWT Pimpri is an upcoming commercial complex located on the Old Mumbai Pune Highway, located between Pimpri and Chinchwad. The project sprawls across nine acres, features five tall towers with 12 floors each. It offers multiple spaces for the restaurant sector, including those looking for rooftop spaces. Additionally, the venue provides ample parking space, basic and advanced amenities, and an excellent view of PCMC’s developing skyline.

To know more about KWT, and for bookings, call +91 20 6764 1818.



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