Kohinoor MVP: The Beginning of a New Growth Partnership

Since 1983, the Kohinoor Group Pune has been instrumental in driving Pune’s real estate growth. With the invaluable support of its channel partners, Kohinoor Group Pune has become one of the fastest-growing real estate brands in the city. To date, the Kohinoor Group is proud to partner with over 6,300 channel partners who serve as its esteemed growth ambassadors.

Introducing the Kohinoor Most Valuable Partner Program

This year, Kohinoor Group Pune launched the Kohinoor Most Valuable Partner (MVP) Program, offering a unique opportunity for ambitious channel partners to join its success story. To commemorate this promising and long-term partnership program, Kohinoor Group Pune held a Channel Partners Registration Drive at the prestigious JW Marriott on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th of April 2024.

A Grand Event with Esteemed Dignitaries

The event saw the presence of esteemed dignitaries from the real estate industry, seasoned industry leaders, celebrated channel partner firms, and renowned media members. The Channel Partners Registration Drive became a vibrant event, highlighting the importance of collaboration and growth within the real estate sector.

Opportunities for New Channel Partners

For channel partners who have not yet been associated with the Kohinoor Group, this event was a golden opportunity. The 3-day Channel Partners Registration Drive unlocked limitless unparalleled opportunities, offering perks like access to exclusive project launches and assured on-time brokerage payouts.

Knowledge-Sharing and Growth Insights

During the event, registered channel partners participated in knowledge-sharing and insightful one-on-one sessions. These interactive sessions provided an in-depth look at Kohinoor’s future growth expansion plan. It was an ideal platform for channel partners to associate with Kohinoor Group Pune, ensuring long-term and multi-fold growth for both the partners and the group.

Interaction with Kohinoor’s Leadership Team

Channel partners also had the opportunity to interact with Kohinoor’s prestigious leadership team and key members. These interactions inspired partners to grow alongside Kohinoor, evoking a sense of pride in being associated with Pune’s leading and renowned real estate brand.

Massive Media Coverage

The Channel Partners Registration Drive received extensive media coverage across multiple touchpoints of traditional and digital media. As a result, the Kohinoor MVP Channel Partner Registration Drive created significant buzz and became the talk of the town.

Kohinoor MVP: A Road to a Promising Future

The Kohinoor MVP was born out of Kohinoor Group Pune’s passion for building a successful and flourishing future. As Pune’s fastest-growing real estate brand, Kohinoor Group is prepared with an incredible plan to develop 50,000 premium flats in Pune and 20 million square feet of A-grade commercial spaces in Pune’s prime locations over the next five years. Armed with this solid plan and dynamic leaders at the helm, the group’s eyes are set on a brighter future, ready to rule Pune’s real estate market.

Kohinoor Group

The Kohinoor Most Valuable Partner Program is more than just a partnership; it’s a journey towards mutual growth and success. By aligning with the Kohinoor Group Pune, channel partners can tap into a wealth of opportunities, gain access to exclusive projects, and benefit from the group’s extensive experience and reputation in the real estate market. With the Kohinoor Group’s ambitious plans for the future, there has never been a better time to join this thriving community and contribute to shaping the future of Pune’s real estate landscape.

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