Kohinoor Group Unveils its Corporate Brochure On Its 37th Anniversary

Brochure Inauguration - Kohinoor Group
Kohinoor Group celebrated its 37th anniversary with great joy and pomp on 25th March 2021. This event was marked as a trophy in the shining glory of Kohinoor history and has made space for many more to come.

About the event: The ceremony took place in SUS at one of the newest Kohinoor’s residential projects, Emerald. As we welcomed dawn for the day, curtains were flared and the ceremony began on 25th March, 5 PM.

The event was attended by all the near and dear ones of Kohinoor Group, Pune. Everyone present in the ceremony was in some way or the other related to the growth of Kohinoor Group.

To make the event even more memorable, the unveiling of the corporate brochure of the Kohinoor group also took place at this event. This brochure was opened and inaugurated by Respected MR. and Mrs. Krishnakumar Goyal. Their gleaming personalities added a unique charm to everyone’s evening.

This blasting unveiling was followed by an inspirational evening where all the pillars of Kohinoor shared their part of the journey with everyone. All the speeches reflected the perseverance that went behind the legacy of Kohinoor Group Real Estate.

Kohinoor’s Corporate Brochure:

Kohinoor Group Brochure
Every event is incomplete without a shining jewel, a Kohinoor. The Kohinoor of this event was our corporate brochure. Since Kohinoor is celebrating a legacy of 37 years, it was time we had a memento of our growth. And we made it in the form of our Corporate Brochure.

The Brochure briefly includes:

  1. Kohinoor Journey up till now
  2. Milestones we have achieved
  3. Kohinoor’s legacy in real estate and all the projects it has delivered yet
  4. A brief about the chairman and managing directors of Kohinoor
  5. The Sada Sukhi Raho Philosophy

And many more interesting insights showing the backstage of our organization

Sada Sukhi Raho Philosophy

The Sada Sukhi Raho Philosophy is the driving force behind the services of Kohinoor Group, Pune. The Sada Sukhi Raho Philosophy believes in providing customer support and services even after the possession of the property. At Kohinoor, we believe that your true journey begins when you enter your new homes and offices. Hence, our customer services always stay intact with our customers to provide the best support to you.

The Sada Sukhi Raho team is a robust collection of 25 Team members who are 24X7 ready to serve you, despite whatever your query may be.

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The Sada Sukhi Raho Philosophy Is Inclined On Five Pillars:

5 Pillars Of Sada Sukhi Raho

  1. 24X7 Security
  2. Branded Homes
  3. Sustainable Living
  4. Healthy Lifestyles
  5. Maintenance Assurance

All these pillars work in harmony to turn our brick and mortar buildings into homes that shall forever hold memories. ‘Sada Sukhi Raho’ team is one huge reason why we are one of the leading real estate developers in Pune.

As we continue to transform the real estate industry of Pune and pull a brighter future ahead of us for all the happy families of Pune, here is our latest project:

About Kohinoor Emerald, SUS

Kohinoor Emerald SUS
Kohinoor Emerald is one of the newest entrants in the legacy of the group. Located in the serene location of SUS valley, Pune, this project is under construction to soon become another shining residential gem of the city.

Emerald speaks about the joys of valley living and a life spent amidst nature. The project is surrounded by lush green mountains on all sides hence providing its future residents a rich valley view.

The project is one of its kind due to its terrace amenities like a tennis court, recreation area, toddlers area, etc. The Project layout is well planned and hence there is no question of being in congested living space when in Emerald. To begin life with pristine greenery and in the lap of nature, Visit Kohinoor Emerald.

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