How Vastu Shastra Makes Your Home a Pleasant Place to Live?

“The world needs huge positive energy to fight against the negative forces.” 

Vastu Shastra is a stream of artistic science that deals with architecture, that teaches how each of its design and lay-outing components, directly and indirectly, impacts our physical and mental balance. Conforming with these standards will lead you to a better lifestyle, turning your brand-new house into a space filled with happiness and positive vibes. 

As we all know having a positive mind will lead us to a healthy life and can be considered as luxury in itself. Your mental and physical health is necessary to gain a balance in your day-to-day routine. By making ourselves more knowledgeable about the good and bad forces our new house exerts, we can get around to adapting to them in our own little way. 

Adapting a few tips by Vastu Shastra will help maintain a positive and energetic vibe in your home. What's the harm in inculcating a few things for the betterment of life? Right? Kohinoor Jeeva focuses on enhancing each aspect of your life by serving you the best facilities and focusing of the important aspects of having a pleasant lifestyle.  

Kohinoor Jeeva apartments allow you to completely immerse yourself in this spiritual and joyful lifestyle by incorporating Vastu-friendly principles with its state-of-the-art design and layout structure combined with its abundance of amenities. So don’t stall another moment and indulge yourself with these cozy, destressing 2 BHK apartments in Bibvewadi’s at Kohinoor Jeeva Pune.  

Even though most Vastu Shastra guidelines instruct us on how to construct our houses, most of us want ready to move into apartments. Here are a few methods you too can look into while searching for your new home to ensure your apartment is Vastu-friendly. 

Optimal Design Structure and Layout 

structure of the rooms

Vastu Shastra focuses on symmetry and considers all aspects like the structure of the rooms: right-angled/square/ rectangular. This assures an infusion of positive energy. Irregular shapes (such as curved structures) are discouraged as Vastu Shastra explains it to be as inauspicious. But every fact has a scientific fact behind it. Having structured angular rooms will help you plan a perfect furniture for it, and you will have a well-defined area for each room. 

We also need to ensure that the rooms have proper ventilation as it will bring; 

- Better comfort and better health 
- More supply of fresh air to breath 
- Induce a good inflow of positive karma

The new apartments in Kohinoor Jeeva Bibvewadi have been thoroughly planned in a manner that ensures each home welcomes positivity and exhales happiness. Homes by Kohinoor Jeeva have been intended to be spacious and facilitate cross-ventilation of air ensuring your comfort and health. This well-planned structure ensures that we have a far better experience in our homes and provides us with a better aura. 

Surround Yourself with Nature   

Vastu Shastra heavily promotes a life surrounded by nature. Having a deep connection with nature is beneficial for your mental health as it relieves your stress. At the same time helps you have good physical health by giving you the freshness of clean air keeping you active all day long. It is therefore recommended to visit parks, and open lawns or even get plants in your home (preferably plants like Tulsi). 

It can be beneficial to invest in a life surrounded by water bodies as it adds peace, harmony, and help facilitate the energies to keep flowing rather than being stagnated. Besides this, it has a soothing effect on us by providing us with a calming view.    

Flats for sale in Bibvewadi Pune, invest in Kohinoor Jeeva and immerse yourself in the naturistic surroundings such as green lawns, natural landscaping, and pergolas in addition to its private luxurious rooftop swimming pool. Being situated in the prime location of Bibvewadi has its own benefits allowing you to stragically be surrounded by the calming presence of nature while at the same time being conveniently connected to the city for all our essential needs. 

Importance of Meditation Room 

Meditation Room

With the stress that you possess in your day-to-day life meditation should be a part of your routine. Meditate and connect with your inner self to have rejuvenated and positive health all day long.   

At Kohinoor Jeeva, one of the amenities that will be your favourite is Jeeva Kutir which is beautifully structured for meditation and gives you a peaceful setting to be on your own. These recreational spaces can offer you a wonderful retreat from the urging demands of the workday and will guarantee you peace and tranquility. As is the multi-functionality of having a meditative space to meet our varied demands and roles. 

Vastu Shastra is a part of your life wherever you go then why not have it all planned while choosing your dream home? As a new home buyer, all you wish is to have a peaceful life, vastu shastra enhances your ability to have it. At Kohinoor Jeeva in Bibvewadi, 2BHK premium apartments will uplift your life with happiness and joy surrounded by you.  

Therefore, make sure to invest in yourself and in Kohinoor Jeeva lifestyle for the ultimate happy and calming lifestyle.

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