Integrated Workplaces - Trends, Benefits, and the Future

Have you heard about integrated workplaces? Most of you, especially business owners, might have come across the concept of integrated workspaces. But amidst the wave of smart offices, compact workplaces, shared workspaces, what do you mean by integrated workplaces?

Integrated workplaces are an emerging trend, currently and primarily confined to the metropolitans of India. However, with the benefits and conveniences they offer, integrated workplaces are slated for a bright future in the country. Let’s explore the concept in short.

What is an Integrated Workplace?

KWT Rooftop Restaurant 

An integrated workspace offers commercial office spaces, a range of restaurants, shopping avenues, health and wellness centers, entertainment options, etc., everything under a single roof or within a single premise. So, business owners, guests, and employees do not have to step out or search for options after office hours. The workplace enables them to work and enjoy after-work life at the same place.

Of course, that refers to a few benefits that integrated workplaces, with their fundamental concept, offer. Accordingly, let’s look at a few benefits of integrated workplaces.

Benefits of Moving Your Office to a Modern and Integrated Workplace

Some of the benefits of integrated workplaces include:

1) Convenience

While many businesses, especially those serving the far east and APAC region, begin early, some, on the other hand, working for the western countries, work until late. Furthermore, many are required to extend their working hours almost every day.

In situations like these, an integrated workplace with fitness centers for those starting early and restaurant options for those working late proves helpful. That saves their efforts incurred in searching for restaurants or spending time commuting to the fitness center first and then to the office.

2) Better Customer Service

How is it that an integrated workplace offers better prospect service? Here, while you’ve already seen the benefits of restaurants and eateries in the above point, integrated workplaces may also have hotels. The presence of both these options can help you save a lot of your prospect or customer’s time whenever they are on a visit to your office.

So now, your prospects or customers wouldn’t have to deal with the annoying traffic in your city. On the other hand, nor would you be required to spend a lot on arranging their transport.

3) Employee Retention

Integrated workplaces aren’t directly associated with employee retention. However, they certainly catalyze this benefit by integrating several other facilities and amenities within the same complex. Employees, especially those who work during the wee hours or have irregular work timings find working in integrated workplaces convenient. Again, that’s because they get everything under a single roof.

So, come tomorrow, even if some think of quitting, the fact that integrated workplaces allow them to enhance their work-life balance can encourage them to give resignation a second thought!

Kohinoor World Towers – Thoughtfully Designed Integrated Workplaces Near Pune for Optimal Convenience

Kohinoor World Towers (KWT) in Pune 

Integrated workplaces certainly have a bright future in India, considering the various sustainable benefits. So, apart from the metros of India such as Pune, Mumbai, etc., you may see such integrated workplaces coming up in other cities of the country as well.

However, now the next question is, where do you find the best-integrated workplaces in India?

The answer is Kohinoor World Towers (KWT) in Pune. KWT is an enormous commercial hub coming up in PCMC near Pune. With five towers, multi-sized AAA Grade office spaces, and a High Street featuring stores of several reputed brands, operating in an integrated workplace in KWT can prove advantageous in the long run. KWT is situated between Pimpri and Chinchwad on Mumbai-Pune Old Highway.

To know more, visit or call Kohinoor’s sales team at +91-020-6764 1818.

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