How to Find a Perfect Residential Apartment Hassle-Free?

There is a great chance that you'll have to look for a residential apartment when you're relocating for a career or just want to live comfortably in a new tier-1 city. However, it is difficult to make the finest pick if you do not know where to look for the best residential apartments. As a result, it is wise to begin the process by gathering information that will assist you to locate the ideal space.

You can get the information you need by paid services on the internet or meeting with real estate professionals. But, these steps will take a lot of time and involve a significant investment.

So, to save you extra work and your hard earned money, we have listed all possible points to help you find your perfect residential apartment hassle-free.

Let’s get started.

Before diving into the actual points, here are a few benefits of living in an apartment:

apartment vs flat vs condo

  • Mostly corporate hubs, shopping complexes, entertainment, and other attractions are all within a few kilometres away.
  • Depending on the size of the apartment, complexes also include wonderful amenities such as gyms, clubhouses, swimming pools, communal areas to socialise with neighbours, parking, and walking trails.
  • They also provide good security, as they are equipped with security systems such as CCTV and security guards.
  • Apartments are far less expensive than individual homes and villas.
  • They also necessitate less maintenance.
  • With apartment living, you can live with like-minded people who can quickly help out in case of emergencies and find playmates for your children.
  • Apartments are usually in a gated community and most gated communities have grocery stores, laundry shops, and stores for other essential items.

Now, coming back to the points to look for finding the perfect residential apartment. Here are 11 questions. Go through each question carefully and make a note on a piece of paper. If you know answers to all these questions, and if they strike in your favour, then you know what to select.

  1. Is it affordable?

    When looking for an excellent residential apartment, make sure you are not going to overspend, since this will make your life intolerable. If you want to avoid life stress, you should live within your means.

    Pro tip: Don’t just consider the apartment cost. Take interiors, maintenance changes, paper work charges, etc also in consideration and make a revised budget.
  2. Does this home solve my purpose?

    What makes you want to live in a house? People hunt for residential homes for a variety of reasons; some want to move in with their families, while others just want to invest.

    The reason you require a residential home is critical because it plays a key function in ensuring that you do not make the incorrect decision. For example, if you are a bachelor, there is no point in getting a large apartment because it will be a waste of money.
  3. Is it secure enough?

    You should ensure that the new home's security is assured. You don't want to live in a residential home where you can't get into it whenever you want. After all, you can't buy life, thus safety should be a primary priority.

    It's quite easy to tell if a location is secure enough. You should look into the location's repute. Proximity to schools, colleges, hospitals, police stations, fire stations can also give an indication of how secure a location is.
  4. Is it Vastu compliant?

    If you are wondering how to check Vastu for apartments, worry not. Here are a few ways:

    - Avoid strangely shaped flats and instead opt for square or rectangular structures.

    - Avoid residences with major bodies of water in the direction of the apartment's south or west.

    - If you enter the flat from the South or West, you might invite bad luck. The finest directions for the entrance are east and north-east, which offer good luck and positivity.

    - Your apartment's main door should be on the north-east side of the north or east facing wall.

    - Make sure your door doesn't open immediately in front of the elevator.

    - The flat's kitchen should not face the main door and should instead face East.

    - In the property's north-east corner, look for apartments with bore wells, pumps, and lawns.

    - It is not a good idea to buy an apartment with balconies facing the south or west.

    - If you're concerned about safety, be sure the apartment complex has a watchman's cabin that isn't at the building's north-east corner.

    - Examine the apartment's doors and windows before purchasing it. Is it a number that is even? If that's the case, check to see if all of the doors open inwards. If yes this will keep positive energy instead of letting it out.
  5. Is it well connected with public transportation?

    Is the area you intend to relocate to be developed? When buying a perfect property, you should always start with this important inquiry. If there are no roads or other public transportation options, you may end up spending a significant amount of money attempting to go to work.

    To minimise such problems, it's always a good idea to double-check the road conditions in a certain region before making a move. In addition, in the event of an emergency, clinics, medical stores and hospitals are vital. So do check their proximity to the property.
  6. Is there good cell reception?

    There are many sites in houses and commercial buildings where the mobile internet does not work. Signals can be disrupted in every room in an apartment for a variety of reasons. Be careful to check for service in each room and look for any dead zones.
  7. Are there enough number of lifts

    Each tower should ideally have two or more lifts, such that at least one is operational in the event that the other fails.

    If you have elders and youngsters in your home, this is an important consideration. It is also necessary to inspect the staircases, because lifts do not function in an emergency.
  8. Are there any irregular or illegal floor deviations

    Illegal deviations from construction blueprints are frequently found on the building's top floor. If you're buying a top-floor apartment, be sure there aren't any variations from the norm. It is a good idea to inspect the floor and make sure that the property has all of the essential clearances.
  9. How is the view from your balcony?

    If the view from your apartment is essential to you, try moving to a higher floor, as they often have the nicest views. The view is important in flats near the hills or in attractive areas, and higher levels are your best chance.

    However, there is one thing you must remember. The higher you go in a high-rise apartment, the more expensive it is to buy. Floor rise charges will apply in an under-construction flat, making living on upper floors slightly more expensive.
  10. Is there adequate light and ventilation?

    The benefits of living on a higher floor are numerous. When compared to those on the ground and lower floors, you receive better views of your neighbourhood, more light and ventilation, and a lower impact of street-level disturbances. Mosquitoes and rodents are usually not a problem on higher floors. So, prefer buying a high rise apartment.
  11. Finally, Is it ready to move or under construction?

    Projects in the early stages of construction are normally less expensive, but they take longer to complete. The ready developments are expensive, but buyers can take possession right away. You should be aware of the following broad parameters that distinguish properties:

    - BHK
    - Carpet area
    - Lump-sum price
    - Price per square feet
    - Construction status (new launch/under construction/ready to move)
    - Amenities and facilities

Before deciding a property and moving forward with the deal, you should consider these factors.

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Final Thoughts

Examine the property's numerous legal criteria. If the buyer is buying from the developer, the buyer can review the project's legal data on the state's RERA website.

If the developer has sold the property to someone else, who will then sell it to the buyer, property documents such as the title deed and encumbrance certificate must be thoroughly examined.

If the project is still under construction, receive information such as prior buyer payments to the developer, builder-buyer agreement, servicing of the bank loan, and the developer's NOC.

Before making a final selection on a property, select a small number of properties as part of your consideration set, for which you can contact the property owners, builders, or brokers to schedule a site visit.

Following that, visit these properties and haggle with the appropriate buyers to determine which property he or she would like to purchase.

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